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The Old-World Glamor of a Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring


You’ve found your person, the one who makes you feel like the best version of yourself and you plan on spending the rest of your life with them. Now that leaves you with the enviable task of finding a wedding or engagement ring

It’s an exciting task, but can come with some trepidation and a lot of knowledge and technical information to master. 

This blog post dives into the captivating beauty and unique characteristics of the marquise diamond cut. 

So named because the tapering at the ends resembles a marquise’s lips, this beautiful diamond is a unique choice. Read on to learn some essential aspects and factors if you are considering a marquise diamond cut engagement or wedding ring.

How To Judge a Diamond—The 4 C’s

A lot of thought and skill goes into creating engagement rings — from the quality of the stone to the way the diamond is shaped and set to maximize its sparkle. 

When it comes to judging a diamond’s quality, diamonds can be graded and valued by the famous 4 C’s. In brief, these are:

1. Cut

This is distinct from your diamond’s shape. “Cut” refers to the way the diamond is faceted to produce the sparkle and fire these gems are known for, and takes imagination and skill. You can choose from a remarkable variety of cuts, including brilliant, trillion, radiant, and marquise.

2. Color

Colorless diamonds have traditionally carried the most value, as they better reflect and disperse light. However, you or your partner might prefer diamonds with a tinge of color like rose or champagne. As a bonus, colorful diamonds may be more affordable than the most transparent ones.

3. Clarity

Clarity refers to the absence of any inclusions — a term that refers to small blemishes in a diamond. Inclusions reduce the diamond’s overall quality and value, but they may be microscopic in nature, allowing you to get a slightly better price without significantly detracting from your diamond’s worth.

4. Carat Weight

Carat weight simply refers to the weight and size of a diamond. For example, one carat is equal to 0.2 grams. Larger diamonds are more valuable, of course, but diamonds of lower carat value are beautiful too and open the door for upgrades in the future. The ways in which diamonds are cut, shaped, and clustered together can create a dazzling impression regardless of their carat weight.

The Unique Physical Characteristics of a Marquise Diamond

Brinker's Jewelers14 KT White Gold Marquise Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The marquise cut diamond, sometimes referred to as the navette cut, is characterized by its elongated shape with pointed ends. 

While they are inspired by the shape of a woman’s lips — specifically, the Marquise de Pompadour’s, this diamond cut is essentially an extended oval shape with tapered tips that resemble the shape of a football or a boat. 

The length-to-width ratio of a marquise cut can vary, with some being more elongated and others more rounded. These diamonds typically have 56 facets, which enhance their sparkle.

Marquise cut diamonds are modified from the round cut diamond, which sparkle in a dazzling and beautiful fashion. Diamond cutters make efficient use of the raw diamond matter (otherwise known as the diamonds rough) by elongating it before it’s cut and faceted. 

The marquise cut is shallower than many cuts so its size shows off its surface area. This makes it flattering to the diamond as well as the wearer. It looks like a larger stone (and therefore a more expensive stone) than it actually is. The pointed ends of the marquise cut add a touch of individuality.

All of these characteristics makes the marquise diamond a popular choice for those seeking a bigger-looking diamond that stands out from other traditional shapes. 

However you describe it, the elliptical shape is eye-catching. If your loved one’s style skews toward vintage, classic, or luxe, a marquise diamond could be the perfect fit.

3 Reasons to Consider a Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are still weighing your options while choosing a stone to help you mark this milestone in your relationship, here are three compelling reasons to consider a marquise diamond ring:

1. Stylish and Adaptable

Marquise diamonds shine in any number of settings and against all kinds of metals, so marquise diamonds are a great choice if you’re thinking of customizing a ring

If your significant other has a vintage sense of style with a modern edge, a marquise diamond is definitely a shape worth shopping for. It can look striking as a solitaire or it can be paired with other gems. 

2. Flattering

Any elongating shape, like the elliptical cut of a marquise diamond, will accentuate the line of your significant other’s finger, giving it a longer and more elegant appearance. 

While it typically sits vertically against the finger, the marquise diamond can also be turned  to sit horizontally for an edgier look. Catherine Zeta-Jones has sported the marquise diamond this way, giving this unique positioning an aura of Hollywood glam.

3. Brilliance and Scintillation

The marquise-cut diamond has a dazzling number of facets and, if well-cut, will give you the fire and light you’re looking for in a stone.

Just make sure that the cut is perfectly symmetrical and faceted with an eye toward detail; the marquise can be an unforgiving cut if not expertly done. In addition, make sure your pronged points are protected in the setting, as having two sharp and unprotected points can lead to chipping.

The marquise cut may also be an ideal choice if you’re concerned about inclusions, which are less likely to be visible in this cut. 

One potential drawback you should be aware of, however, is that marquise diamonds can have a “bow-tie” effect in their midsections. Be sure to check for this darkened area in the mid section of the diamonds you are looking at while shopping.  A poorly cut marquise diamond can result in a dull appearance and a less desirable shape. This is why the quality of the cut is so crucial for this shape.

A trusted and experienced jeweler will help you select a high-quality marquise diamond that suits your needs and checks all the boxes for a quality stone. 

Marquise, Please

The marquise diamond cut is a wonderful choice for a vintage or old Hollywood-inspired engagement or wedding ring look. 

While other classic cuts such as round, radiant, or princess are considered to be the more popular choices for engagement rings, marquise cut diamonds offer a striking alternative. Its unique shape provides a balance between a vintage and modern aesthetic.

Additionally, the marquise cut offers versatility in terms of how the diamond can be set. The elongated shape allows for various setting options, such as solitaire, halo, or side stone settings.

Due to these intricacies, it’s important to choose a jeweler who understands the finesse and expertise involved in crafting a high-quality marquise. 

Brinker’s Jewelers master jewelers have over 250 years of combined experience and are here to help you with choosing the best stone and setting to help you celebrate all the special moments in your life. 

Brinker’s carries an impressive range of rings of all styles, cuts and shapes along with expert support to help you keep your diamond ring in perfect condition for decades to come.

Reach out today to find the ring of your partner’s dreams.

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