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The Tri-State's Certified Watch Repair & Service Center

Brinker’s Jewelers specializes in Rolex and Tudor watch repair, as well as a variety of other timepieces. All of our work comes with a service guarantee for your peace of mind.

We Ensure The Quality and Accuracy of Your Timepiece

Regularly having your watch serviced by a Certified Watchmaker ensures the quality and accuracy of your timepiece. We specialize in Rolex and Tudor watch repair, as well as every other brand we sell. Additionally, we will service other high-grade watches we do not sell, that you may have purchased elsewhere.

From simple battery replacement for your quartz watch to fully restoring your high-grade Swiss timepiece, most repairs are handled in our state-of-the-art service center.

Standard maintenance includes:

  • Ultrasonically clean and steam bracelet
  • Water resistant vacuum / pressure test
  • Hand-cleaning case
  • Apply Loc-tite to all bracelets and caseback screws
  • Replace springbars (if necessary)
  • Gasket inspection, re-lubrication or replacement
  • Bracelet evaluation and pin replacement (optional)
  • Bracelet Adjustment
  • Service Assessment
  • New battery included for all quartz watches

Additional Services Include:

  • All additional services begin with a standard maintenance service
  • Water Resistance Maintenance
  • New Crown, Case Tube, Caseback Gasket, Crystal, Crystal Gasket
  • New Crystals
  • New Watch Straps and Bracelets
  • Bracelet Repair
  • Refinishing and Polishing
  • Vacuum/Pressure Testing for water for dive watches up to 1,220 meters

Brinker's Jewelers is A

Rolex Authorized Service Center

Here’s what this means for you:

Clean Room

All of our customer’s mechanical movements are serviced in a room known as the Clean Room. This room has its own air-filtration system, with positive pressure in the room. This system is equipped to keep dirt out of the room when the door is opened and closed. This ensures dirt and other fine particles do not get in the movement when the caseback is open and the movement is being serviced.

Refinishing Room

Our Refinishing Room is where case and bracelet refinishing occurs. This negative pressure room is separate from the Clean Room. Having negative pressure keeps dirt and other fine particles confined to this area and helps keep the common areas of the Watch Department clean and more efficient. Equipped with lapping machines and variable speed motors on our polishing machines, this allows us to restore our customer’s watch cases, bezels and bracelets to like-new condition.

Quality Control Area

Every Rolex endures rigorous testing to ensure Rolex standards. While in the Quality Control Area timepieces are tested on a wear simulator in multiple positions that mimic every day wearing habits of the individual. The timing and performance of the timepiece is scrutinized and perfected during this process. During the final stage of quality control every aspect of the service is checked one final time before the timepiece is wiped down and put in our service pouch and equipped with a two year international service guarantee.

White Glove Service

Have a timepiece that needs service or repair but don’t have the ability to come to our store? Brinker’s Jewelers wants to ensure that you, our loyal customer, is always satisfied with your items no matter where you are. Brinker’s Jewelers takes pride in servicing what we sell, reach out to us to assist with shipping questions and let us guide you on how to get your timepiece from your home to Brinker’s Jewelers for service. 

We will contact you when we receive and examine your item(s). At that time we will discuss price and payment. Once your item is repaired, and the account settled, we will ship your item back to you. *Brinker’s Jewelers advises that you bring your item in to be assessed by a Jewelry or Watch Professional whenever possible. We always examine the item before quoting a price.

*Shipping may be included in your price quote.

Request A Watch Repair

Visit our showroom, call 812-476-0651 , or fill out this form to initiate a service request for your timepiece.