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Brinker’s Jewelers partners with Diamonds de Canada

In July of 2022, Brinker’s Jewelers partnered with Diamonds de Canada, a government approved Northwest Territories diamond manufacturer, located in Yellowknife, the capital city of the Northwest Territories (NWT) of Canada. Brinker’s Jewelers executives and management team had the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to the NWT of Canada, where they had unprecedented access and an in-depth look at some of Canada’s diamond mines and mining operations. This exclusive tour of the Ekati mine, was the first of its kind since the COVID-19 global pandemic in 2020.

Ekati Mine

The founders of Diamonds de Canada are Ben and Lyssa King. The dynamic husband and wife duo’s professional passion is diamonds. Their love for natural diamonds and the pursuit for “Optical Precision” is infectious. In 2020, Diamonds de Canada invested in state-of-the-art technology and software that had never been used in the diamond industry before. The result – groundbreaking advancements in the diamond cutting industry that produces natural diamonds so clean and bright that you can literally see the difference.

In an era where nearly every company and consumer are concerned about where their diamonds come from and how they are produced, Diamonds de Canada is offering the most transparent and technologically advanced experience in the industry.

This experience starts at the diamond mines. As a Canadian Government approved Northwest Territories diamond manufacturer, Diamonds de Canada buys rough diamonds directly from the Canadian diamond mines throughout the year. Once purchased, Diamonds de Canada uses advanced technology offered by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) through their Diamond Origin Reports and Diamond Ancestry with their decentralized blockchain.  This technology creates immutable proof of the origin and path of each diamond.

When these diamonds arrive in Yellowknife, that’s when Ben King and his team start to bring each piece of rough to life. The stones are analyzed with sophisticated software and machines to determine each specific piece of rough diamond’s maximum potential. They precisely layout the shape and size of the stone they want to cut. Due to presorting, they have a general idea on the color and clarity, however the final color, clarity, cut and carat weight will not be determined until the stone is finished. A laser machine called a da Vinci cuts each facet of the diamond and once completed, Diamonds de Canada’s team of world class diamond polishers polish the diamond to reveal the optical precision, a term used to describe the highest light return possible in a diamond.

Not only does Diamonds de Canada produce beautiful diamonds, but the company is highly praised for their ethics. They take pride in being respectful to the land as they have a deep love for their natural resources and are backed by the Canadian Government and the Government of the Northwest Territories. Diamonds de Canada employees are mostly residents of the local Yellowknife community and indigenous people from the First Nations of the North.


Diamonds de Canada uses every piece and fragment of the rough they purchase from the diamond mines. Whether it’s used for jewelry or tooling, there is zero waste. They even grind up fragments into “diamond dust” to be used in artist’s paint. Yes, you can own an original painting that contains actual diamonds. The luminescent properties in the diamond give the painting a whole new dimension when a black light is used to “highlight” the piece.

Josif Witnik FL Painting

Brinker’s Jewelers is privileged to be one of the first retailers in the United States to take their consumers on this exciting new diamond journey. This is a diamond buying experience like never before! You can literally pick out a piece of rough, choose your shape, size, color and clarity and design every aspect of your diamond from start to finish—having it documented every step of the way. “This is a level of detail and transparency that consumers really love,” says Dean Brinker, CEO and President of Brinker’s Jewelers. “This process isn’t for every consumer, however for the consumer that wants to be really involved in the design of their diamond along with the design of their ring, then there is no better experience then a Diamonds de Canada diamond from Brinker’s Jewelers,” says Alexis Snow, Brinker’s Jewelers’ Manufacturing Manager.

Lyssa King retells a story that was shared with her during her travels that touches those that hear it at a very deep level. She said, “A woman’s diamond is her personal mirror. It’s her reflection.  It is the only thing she has that goes everywhere with her.  It hears how she speaks to her husband and her children.  It is a constant reminder to her to be the woman that she wants to reflect to others.  Her diamond knows all of her stories and someday when she passes the diamond on to her son or her daughter, they will wear her stories and see their own reflection.” “It is that understanding of a diamond’s true purpose, that makes Diamonds de Canada so easy to partner with, because we share their passion and understanding for what a person’s diamond means to them and their families. Those are stories and memories that can only be told with a natural diamond,” says Dean Brinker.

“In the jewelry industry, it’s all about trust, integrity and experience. At the end of the day the consumer has to trust who they are doing business with and they want a unique experience. Brinker’s Jewelers can now tell our consumers we have actually been to the diamond mines in Canada and toured the entire mining operations. We are buying directly from the diamond Sightholder—someone whom we have had a longstanding relationship with and who has an impeccable reputation in the diamond industry—and now the consumer can hand select the piece of rough that is going to become their polished diamond for the rest of their life. Who else can say that?” says Kyle Brinker, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of Brinker’s Jewelers. “This is truly an unprecedented diamond buying experience and once you see how it is all done, you gain even more appreciation for your diamond.”

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