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3-Carat Diamond Engagement Rings – Are They Big Enough?


Original Article published by Gabriel Editorial Team – August 1, 2022

3-Carat Diamond Engagement Rings – Are They Big Enough?

Is a 3-carat diamond engagement ring too large? Given that the average engagement ring is between 1 and 2 carats, it might initially seem that way. It’s true that a 3-carat engagement ring certainly stands out. But it is also manageable and light enough to wear on your finger every day without feeling weighed down. Don’t believe us? Ask Katherine Heigl. 

Her engagement ring from Josh Kelley in 2006 featured a 3-carat pear-shaped diamond center stone, surrounded by pave diamonds in a halo setting. Sixteen years, a happy marriage, and three children later, Heigl’s ring is a permanent fixture and one that certainly combines size, functionality, and aesthetics. Crafted primarily from platinum, it has boded well for her.

If you’re considering upping the ante for your engagement ring purchase and opting for a 3-carat diamond ring, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know. Not to mention a variety of gorgeous rings to suit every bride-to-be.

What Is a 3-Carat Diamond?

Let’s start with the basics. A carat is a measure of weight, equivalent to 200mg, to be precise. So a 3-carat diamond ring makes your center stone roughly 600mg, around the same as a raisin. This is pretty much a ‘dream size’ for those who want to go a little overboard without breaking the bank completely.

Is a 3-Carat Diamond Considered Big?

According to most diamond experts, anything over 2 carats is considered significantly big. So yes, 3-carat diamonds fit into the category of ‘huge’ diamonds. If you’re buying one, you can confidently say, “I’ve got a big rock on my finger!” With that, a diamond’s big appearance is not established solely by carat weight. It could differ based on various other factors – the diamond’s cut and shape, for instance. A diamond with more depth may look smaller since you can’t see the depth, but it is still 3-carat. One with more width will look larger since the carat weight is spread out. Hence, consider other aspects, apart from the carats, equally well if you want your diamond to be bigger and look bigger.

Three’s a company in this classy cathedral engagement ring; it is for the diva who knows her worth and doesn’t hesitate to spell it out. This ring adds sparkle to your life ahead as a couple with three glittering stones, symbolizing friendship, love, and fidelity. The entire ring is set in 18k white gold for a luminous charm. 0.95 carats of princess-cut side stones flank the gorgeous 3-carat center diamond. Don’t miss the detailing beneath the shank as well – criss-cross lines that elevate the design.

Oval engagement rings are celebrity favorites and for a good reason. Channel your inner Kourtney Kardashian or Kate Middleton with this diamond ring set in 18k white gold. The design is unconventional yet ornate, with 2 carats of round U set accent stones adding detail to the shank. The setting in the center is apt for a 2.5-carat oval cut stone, with a peek-a-boo halo glittering behind it. Not to mention, the ring is for the woman who likes to go with the flow but also takes a bit of conventional glamour along.

How Do You Choose the Perfect 3-Carat Diamond?

When spending that much, it is crucial to ensure you don’t compromise on color and clarity. While smaller stones successfully camouflage small inclusions, this is not the case as the diamond gets bigger. 3-carat diamonds make it a tad bit difficult to conceal flaws. For a 3-carat diamond, a minimum clarity grade of VS2 or better is recommended. In fact, for some cuts like Emerald, the flaws are even more clearly visible due to the large, open facets. In this case, seek a clarity grade of VS1 or even VVS2. 

As far as color goes, a colorless diamond with grades D, E, or F can be very expensive since they’re rare. If you are willing to spend that much, great! Otherwise, consider grade G for fancy shapes or H for a round cut. Colored tints show up very clearly on white gold or platinum. But if you’re setting your engagement rings in rose or yellow gold, try using J and K-colored diamonds. 

Why stop at one stone when you can have five? More is definitely… well, more (!) when it comes to engagement rings. Especially if you’re the sort who loves flaunting your baubles and carries them off with aplomb. This five-stone engagement ring has a center stone of 2.5 carats accentuated by matching oval side stones. Next to these, down the band’s shoulders, are baguette accent stones. The ring is set in 18k white gold and is surely a head-turner. If you love all things blingy but still know how to keep it tasteful, this is probably the ring for you.

How Much Is a 3-Carat Diamond Ring Worth?

There is a huge difference between the lower and upper ends of the pricing spectrum for 3-carat diamonds. It usually starts from around $20,000 and goes up to $80,000. Of course, if you find a perfectly flawless 3-carat diamond, be prepared to pay over a whopping $1,00,000 for it. Need a more realistic budget? No problem. The average mid-point value of a 3-carat diamond is predominantly between $35,000-$45,000. You can still get a great piece that balances quality and cost at this price.   

You are probably wondering why a 3-carat diamond doesn’t cost three times as much as a 1-carat diamond but significantly more. You’re right – it’s perhaps ten times the amount! This is because the price increases exponentially as the stone grows bigger. It is much rarer and more challenging to find a larger piece that checks all the boxes than to find smaller ones. For instance, a 0.9-carat diamond costs significantly less than a 1-carat diamond of similar quality. No such luck with a 2.9-carat diamond and 3-carat one. The difference is negligible.  

Which Shape Looks the Best For a 3-Carat Diamond?

Shapes are pretty much an individual choice. A 3-carat diamond piece carries such personality and brilliance of its own; it looks outstanding in all shapes and cuts. Round is the most popular sparkling shape for a diamond engagement ring, and a 3-carat round-cut diamond looks worth its cost. But if you wish to deviate from the conventional choices, we suggest you pick an oval, pear, or marquise diamond. Their elongated shape looks bigger for the same weight and costs considerably lesser.

Princess cut, and cushion cut diamonds are also popular shapes with that extra bit of ‘pop’ if you want to make a statement. While all these rings are fabulous as per individual choices, our vote goes to an emerald-cut 3-carat diamond. It carries the timeless charm reminiscent of royalty or old Hollywood and focuses on the diamond’s clarity and overall quality than just the sparkle.

This engagement ring is a winner for the bride-to-be who loves geometric aesthetics, clean lines, and art deco styles. A 2.75-carat emerald center stone is flanked by the princess diamonds and then baguettes for a linear visual appeal. Set in 18k white gold, the side stones measure 0.70 carats and add flair to the entire piece. Ideal for the high-powered contemporary multitasking woman who shows off her classic minimalism.

Flaunt your 3-Carat Emerald Diamond Ring, which is elegant but not necessarily understated! Set in 18k white gold, the ring is a tribute to the woman who loves old-world charm with a contemporary twist; the ultimate sophisticate who sparkles as much at an art auction, a Broadway play, or a garden party. There is a criss-cross gallery beneath the shank, and glittering baguette side stones embrace the center stone on either side.

What Is the Diameter Of a 3-Carat Diamond?

To be fair, this is only applicable to a round diamond. Of course, it varies slightly depending on the cut, but the standard 3-carat diameter is usually 9.2mm, with a depth of 5.73mm. Check out the below 3-carat round diamond with a diameter of 9mm, which sparkles and how!

Are you looking to pull out all the stops for your engagement ring? This ring is for a woman with a commanding, out-of-the-ordinary personality that shines further through the ring’s sparkle. The design features a stunning 3-carat center stone set in an 18k white gold ring. Across the shank is an alternating pattern of 1.46 carats of diamonds – round and baguette. We guarantee you feel nothing short of amazingly special while adorning this ring.  

How To Take Care of Your 3-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

For starters, get yourself engagement ring insurance. Secondly, don’t try cleaning it at home with harsh chemicals. Take it back to your jeweler to clean and also get pointers on how to effectively do it at home as well. While you’re at it, make sure not to neglect the surrounding stones and the metal in the ring. Don’t yank your ring off by the center stone. You could get unnecessary dirt or grime onto it which would show up more prominently thanks to the bigger size. While a diamond is sturdy, consciously avoid banging it against hard surfaces that could cause wear and tear. Also, remove it during heavy activities like gardening or moving furniture around the house – or playing volleyball. Don’t remove it in public though. It can be easily forgotten, or worse, swiped!

Choosing a 3-carat diamond engagement ring is no small commitment. It requires adequate thought and consideration. Do your research on the quality of the diamond, insist on details and certification, and pick a style that feels the ‘one’ for you. Head to Gabriel & Co. for a handpicked range of 3-carat diamond engagement rings. Each of these beauties is created with passion, precision, and patience. They will leave you amazed.

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