We never sell products we cannot personally service

Our founder, Roland Brinker, knew if he could repair things with his hands, he’d always find work. It's why to this day, we don’t sell products we can’t personally service for our customers.

6 Master Jewelers; 150 Years Jewelry Repair Experience

Caring for your jewelry is the responsibility of us, your knowledgeable professional jewelers

Equipped with the latest tools and advanced equipment to ensure precision and delicate repair and restoration, our jewelers work with all precious metals and gemstones in our store. Your jewelry is never passed off to a jeweler you don’t know, or can’t speak with, and is always in the hands of a person you trust.

Whatever your budget, however large or small your collection, each piece of jewelry you own is bound with sentimental value. Your jewelry tells a story, keeps a memory alive, represents a milestone or personally represents class, style and character.

We encourage you to visit our showroom for:

  1. Complimentary cleanings
  2. Ring sizing
  3. Setting and tightening of diamonds and gemstones
  4. Pearl restringing
  5. Polishing and refinishing
  6. Watch repair, battery and band replacement

Our Credentials

Brinker’s Jewelers are graduates of renowned jewelry schools like the Gemological Institute of America, Stewart’s International School for Jewelers and Swigart School of Jewelry, where they’ve garnered a deep understanding of cleaning and repairing your jewelry.

Jewelry Exposure

Regularly inspecting and caring for fine jewelry reduces the possibility of losing a stone or the entire piece of jewelry. Elements like light, heat, chemicals and other factors affect your jewelry and stones differently. We suggest regular cleaning to prolong your jewelry’s original allure

Basic Information

Your profession, tastes, habits, and the  frequency you intend on wearing your jewelry makes a difference. These factors help us guide you when choosing diamonds, settings, stones, watches and even delegate between different styles or pieces such as rings, earrings and bracelets.

We will never send your jewelry away

Visit our showroom, call 812.476.0651, or fill out the form below and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.