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Win Your Loved One’s Heart With A Heart Diamond


Looking for a timeless symbol of love and romance that stands out from the traditional engagement ring choices? Look no further than the exquisite beauty of a heart diamond.

With its unique shape and captivating symbolism, a heart cut diamond engagement ring is the perfect choice for those who want to make a bold statement of their love. 

In this blog, we will explore the reasons why you should choose a heart diamond for your proposal, from its enchanting aesthetic appeal to the deep emotional significance it carries. 

Discover why a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring is the perfect choice for capturing the essence of your love story.

What You Should Know About Diamonds

The overalls of diamond quality, which will also affect a diamond’s value, can be summarized as the Four C’s. In brief, these are:

1. Cut

The cut of a diamond doesn’t refer to its shape; rather it refers to the way it’s been creatively cut and faceted to bring out its fire (the multicolored bursts you see when you hold a diamond up to light). A masterfully-cut diamond creates a hypnotic sparkle as one mirror-like facet reflects light to another, and so on. A poorly-cut diamond won’t have nearly as much sparkle and dazzle.

2. Color

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades diamonds from D to Z, with a D grade signifying true colorlessness (a very rare and sought-after attribute) and Z grade diamonds showing the highest amount of color. 

While colorlessness is historically the attribute considered most desirable in a diamond, which is reflected in its price, many ring wearers like champagne (with a pale yellow hue) or rose diamonds (light pink). 

So feel free to choose a diamond that reflects your loved one’s taste and looks good with their skin tone, also knowing that a diamond with a blush of color will likely be more affordable.

3. Clarity

The clearer a diamond — that is, one absent of blemishes and inclusions, any material that is non-diamond — the more valuable it is. Still, many of these inclusions are microscopic in nature, so their presence may not diminish your loved one’s enjoyment of their stone.

4. Carat Weight

Carat refers to how big your diamond is. One metric carat is equal to 0.2 grams. Many think that the more carats, the merrier (and indeed larger diamonds will be more expensive) but smart diamond cutting — not to mention a beautiful setting, or custom style that’s meaningful to you — can lend a lot of aesthetic and sentimental weight to any ring.

The combination of these four factors will determine the value of your diamond, but there are many more personal decisions to make when picking the right ring for your loved one, including a plethora of cuts to choose from. The one we’ll explore in more detail below is the heart diamond.

The Heart of The Matter—A Glimpse into Heart Diamond History

Heart diamond closeup

A heart diamond is cut in that most easily legible and traditional sign of love, the heart. 

With its elegant curving toward a base point (technically, its parts are called the cleft, the lobe, the belly, the wing, and the point), the heart shaped engagement ring might be the easiest way to tell someone in an instant that you love them. That was certainly true of famous heart diamonds throughout history, like the Taj Mahal diamond Richard Burton gave his wife, Elizabeth Taylor, on her 40th birthday, as well as the fictional Heart of the Ocean diamond that Rose wore in James Cameron’s Titanic.

But the heart shape didn’t signify love, at first: it signified royalty, and in 1562 (the story goes) Mary Queen of Scots gave a heart-shaped diamond to Queen Elizabeth to signify their bonds of friendship. Since then, the shape’s meaning has evolved to its current associations. 

The heart cut is a lot rarer than other cuts, like the popular round cut diamond, making it perhaps a bit more unique as a gesture. It also takes a skilled  diamond-cutter to produce one that’s both rounded and symmetrical.

4 Advantages of Heart Diamonds

There are some beautiful aspects of the heart diamond that make it a splashy and romantic way to woo your loved one. These include:

1. Brilliance

The shape and cut of heart diamonds (they have 56-58 facets) means that heart diamonds will, like a heart in love, reflect a lot of light. They have the brilliance that you want in an engagement or wedding ring. (Heart diamonds are in fact considered an offshoot of the brilliant cut diamond.) 

Bear in mind that diamonds with more inclusions won’t look as good in the heart cut, so your diamond will have to be a clear one to look its best as a heart.

2. Versatility

Heart diamonds look good in any number of settings, whether surrounded by smaller jewels or clustered themselves. The aforementioned champagne diamonds can look good in heart shape, as can classically colorless diamonds.

3. Affordability

Relative to round-shaped diamonds, heart diamonds can be more affordable as, at a lower carat weight, they can hold more facets and surface area. However, it is a balance with the time and skill involved in cutting a heart shaped diamond. This can make them more expensive to cut. 

4. Meaning

As noted, there’s no better way to say I love you than with the universally understood symbol of love (perhaps it didn’t completely do the trick for Mary Queen of Scots and her relationship with Queen Elizabeth, but let’s not blame the ring). And the degree of difficulty involved in crafting a heart shaped diamond ring sends its own message about how much you care.

Get Your Heart’s Desire at Brinker’s Jewelers

A heart-shaped diamond engagement ring is a truly special and captivating choice that goes beyond the conventional. 

Its timeless beauty, unique shape, and profound symbolism make it a meaningful expression of love and devotion. 

Whether you desire a classic solitaire setting or prefer to accentuate the heart shape with additional diamonds or intricate designs, a heart diamond is sure to make a statement. 

Embrace the romance and individuality of a heart diamond engagement ring, and let it serve as a constant reminder of the love story you share. 

Begin your journey towards forever with a symbol as exceptional as your love. Choose a jeweler who can help you with any maintenance you need, from resizing to keeping the engagement ring sparkling for years to come.

Brinker’s Jewelers is devoted to getting you the best heart diamonds (or any other cut you have your heart set on). So check out our selection of engagement rings today.

Not sure where to start? Our online personal shopping assistant can get you started down the right path.

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