Forevermark: What To Know Before You Buy


Forevermark diamonds come with a legacy of luxury and elegance — and for good reason. Less than 1% of the world’s naturally occurring diamonds are fine enough to become a Forevermark stone. Responsibly sourced and carefully selected, the diamonds in Forevermark rings are undeniably special. This can be attributed to the brand’s rich history and standard of excellence.

If you’re considering purchasing a Forevermark ring, here’s everything you need to know before you buy.

Forevermark’s History

Forevermark is a division of De Beers, one of the most well-known diamond brands in the world. The company was established in 1888 in the United Kingdom. Since then, the De Beers name has become synonymous with greatness. After finding unparalleled success in the diamond mining industry in the 1800s, De Beers has maintained its place as a leader in the diamond business through the past century and a half. 

In 2008, Forevermark was created as a way to share De Beers diamonds with a new generation of consumers. Today, Forevermark diamonds continue the De Beers heritage of quality and beauty. With an emphasis on responsible sourcing strategies and high-end selection processes, Forevermark appeals to the modern shopper with discerning tastes. 

The Process 

Diamonds are treasured as one of the world’s most precious stones. Before your diamond is ready for purchase, it must go through an extraordinary journey from the Earth to your finger. 

Diamonds form about 100 miles below the Earth’s surface, where they undergo extreme temperatures and pressure from the layers of rock above. These intense conditions cause carbon atoms to bond and begin to crystalize. These beautiful crystals are transported closer to the surface of the Earth via volcanic eruptions. From there, the diamonds are mined by experts. 

However, mining is just the beginning of a Forevermark diamond’s journey. Each diamond must pass a stringent selection process that reaches far beyond the 4 C’s of cut, color, carat, and clarity. Forevermark diamonds must meet other standards imposed by the brand itself as a way of upholding social responsibility.

The Quality

Forevermark is worn by everyone from fashion-forward jewelry aficionados to Hollywood stars for a reason. When it comes to quality, Forevermark diamonds must pass a long list of assessments. To start, the diamonds are graded by the 4 C’s, which are used around the world to determine a diamond’s standardized quality:


The carat is a metric unit that measures a diamond’s exact weight. One carat is 200 milligrams, which can be divided into hundredths, or points. For example, a half-carat diamond is also known as a 50-point diamond. Diamonds with the same carat weight may look different in size because of their density. Forevermark chooses diamonds from 10 points, or 0.10 carats and up. 


A Forevermark diamond must range from “Very Good” to “Excellent,” in accordance with the Forevermark Grading Report. The cut grade is determined by the diamond’s finish and proportions.

The cut of a diamond can make stones of the same carat weight appear vastly different depending on the depth of the cut. The way the diamond is cut also determines the way the stone will sparkle. The cut creates the diamond’s:

  • Brilliance. This is the phenomenon of white light being reflected between the internal and external surfaces of a diamond. 
  • Fire. Also known as dispersion, fire is described as the color that emanates from within the diamond. 
  • Scintillation. If you’ve ever noticed a diamond’s sparkle, you’ve admired its scintillation — which is the way light flashes when the stone moves.

‌Light qualities are among the most beloved and sought-after qualities in a stone. The light qualities of a diamond are affected by three primary elements:

  • Polish. When a diamond is well polished, its smooth surfaces reflect light and scintillate brilliantly. 
  • Symmetry. If the facets of a diamond are misaligned, the fire and brilliance of the stone are greatly dimmed. 
  • Proportions. These determine the way the diamond will reflect light internally.

Well-proportioned, polished, and aligned stones possess extraordinary light qualities. A positive cut grade suggests that the stone will exhibit outstanding light. Round diamonds may receive a cut grade, but fancy shape diamonds are simply evaluated on polish and symmetry. Forevermark accepts round diamonds with a Very Good or Excellent cut grade, as well as fancy shape diamonds with acceptable polish and symmetry. 


You might be surprised to learn that completely colorless diamonds are extremely rare. Diamonds range from colorless to pale yellow. The colors are noted by letter in an alphabetical range from D to L, which includes classic white diamonds as well as colored stones. The common ranges include:

  • D through F. Colorless diamonds exist in the D, E, and F range. These stones exhibit minute differences that only experts can distinguish. 
  • G through J. These are nearly colorless, showing only a hint of color when compared directly with colorless diamonds.
  • K through M. In the K, L, and M range, diamonds exhibit more noticeable color when placed on a pure white background. 

Color variations are often subtle. They’re typically assessed by experts in a controlled environment, which includes set lighting conditions and a master set of diamonds. Forevermark only accepts diamonds that fall within the D to L range — as well as the fancy colors. 


A diamond’s clarity is determined by its included features, which are tiny flaws created during the formation process. Most inclusions, or features, are completely invisible to the average viewer. Forevermark diamonds range from “flawless” to “slightly included.” The clarity system is divided into five groups:

  • Flawless. This is denoted as FL and means that the diamond possesses no extraneous features.
  • Very Very Slightly. This category is listed as VVS and means that the stone has only barely perceptible inclusions.
  • Very Slightly Included. This group is noted as VS and includes more noticeable features when viewed under a microscope. 
  • Slightly Included. SI diamonds feature several inclusions. 
  • Included. Abbreviated with an I, Included stones may possess a significant number of inclusions, as determined by an expert. 

If the diamonds have met all other criteria, Forevermark inscribes those that range from Flawless to Slightly Included. It accepts only inclusions that don’t diminish the diamond’s pure beauty.

The 4 Standards of Forevermark Diamonds

Forevermark diamonds are chosen for their extraordinary qualities. This includes being sourced from trusted mines that are committed to environmental, business, and social standards. Beyond this, Forevermark diamonds must be produced with strict ethical standards and exhibit exceptional beauty. Every one must meet four criteria:

1. Diamonds Must Be Entirely Conflict Free 

Before it can be selected for inspection, every diamond must comply with the Kimberley Process. This stringent set of guidelines was created to eliminate the trade of conflict diamonds. It imposes strict monitoring tactics that control the import and export of rough diamonds by working with government administrations, civil societies, and the retail industry. 

The Kimberley Process requires detailed documentation of the supply chain. Documentation includes Kimberley Process Certification and warranty invoices, among others.     

2. Diamonds Must Contribute to Women’s Empowerment

Forevermark has committed itself to improving the lives of women in diamond-producing communities. Forevermark believes in strengthening the communities that work with them. In countries like Namibia, Botswana, Canada, and South Africa, Forevermark — as a division of De Beers — contributes a wide range of community benefits, including:

  • Improving healthcare conditions
  • Elevating educational structures
  • Providing valuable career opportunities
  • Implementing professional training and advancement programs

‌‌Forevermark diamonds are meant to symbolize a commitment to uplifting women in all communities.

3. Diamonds Must Protect the Natural World

Forevermark and De Beers recognize the deeply rooted connection between diamonds and the Earth. This connection has inspired Forevermark to commit to conserving the wildlife around its diamond-producing sites. For example, the De Beers Group gives back by:

  • Setting aside six hectares for every one it uses for mining
  • Contributing to cheetah and rhino conservation
  • Protecting biodiverse areas
  • Working together with other agencies to protect the environment

‌‌Across multiple countries, Forevermark seeks to expand the reach of its conservation efforts. 

4. Diamonds Must Bear the Forevermark Inscription

The range of Forevermark rings is meant to accommodate a span of budgets and tastes. No matter what cut or color of ring you choose, you’ll enjoy the assurance of Forevermark’s quality. After passing a series of rigorous selection—every diamond is inscribed with its own unique number and the Forevermark icon as a mark of its high quality. This distinct number can be registered to the owner after purchase.

Forevermark considers its inscription to be an indelible mark of integrity. Diamonds are inscribed only after they meet the environmental, social, and ethical standards of the brand. Forevermark’s fine inscription is minuscule — only one micron deep and one five-hundredth the width of the average human hair. When purchasing a Forevermark ring, ask the sales representative to show you the signature Forevermark inscription.

The Price

What most sets Forevermark apart is the quality of its engagement rings. The designs are innovative, elegant, and modern. When the day comes to propose to the love of your life, you’ll want to explore Forevermark’s diamond collections. With distinctly luxurious shine and stellar pave, Forevermark’s engagement rings are the perfect way to symbolize your forever love.  

When it comes to engagement rings, Forevermark falls in the middle to upper price range of the bridal market. With its commitment to quality and ethical practices, Forevermark meets the needs of today’s savvy shoppers.

Collections to Explore

Whether you’re searching for a transcendent engagement ring, gift, or family heirloom, Forevermark offers several unique collections that are worth exploring. While engagement rings often steal the show, Forevermark’s collections include not only rings but also beautiful bracelets, elegant earrings, and more — all created to highlight the signature Forevermark stone. Some of its most popular collections include:

The Tribute Collection

The Tribute Collection is designed to celebrate the wearer. Created with the recipient’s unique qualities and brilliance in mind, Tribute pieces are meant to be worn in stacks or layers that reflect a distinctive style and character. The pieces create a multidimensional look that honors the complexity of the recipient. 

The Black Label Collection

This recognizable collection features only the most exemplary cut of diamonds. Designed for those who truly value the fire and brilliance of their jewelry, the Black Label Collection highlights diamond symmetry, which it offers in a range of diamond shapes.

The Engagement & Commitment Collection

Forevermark prides itself on its commitment to your love story. With eight sub-collections, the Engagement Collection offers the perfect ring for every taste. The smaller collections include:

  • Forevermark Icon Setting
  • Forevermark x Micaela Bridal
  • Forevermark Journey
  • Forevermark Accents
  • Forevermark Embrace
  • Forevermark Unity
  • Women’s wedding bands
  • Men’s wedding bands

Center of My Universe Collection

One of the most captivating collections in the Engagement Collection, the Center of My Universe stars a Forevermark solitaire diamond encircled in a gorgeous pave setting. This collection was designed with the intention of capturing the beauty of your partner in life. 

The Bottom Line: Buying Forevermark Diamonds 

Whether you’re dreaming of the perfect proposal or envisioning a flawless stack, Forevermark can guide you on your way. Forevermark has placed quality, integrity, beauty, and affordability as the driving principles behind its products. The Brinker family reflects the same values in our own business. Because of this, we’re proud to offer this extraordinary diamond brand. 

No matter what outstanding piece of Forevermark jewelry you choose, you can be sure it’s of the highest quality. Each piece is lovingly selected by the family to ensure the best for our customers. If you’re looking for jewelry that reflects the Earth’s rarest beauty, shop Forevermark’s signature diamond pieces

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