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Radiant Diamond Cut: Bold Radiance by Name and Nature


There are many excellent engagement ring diamond cuts to choose from, but if you are looking for a diamond to match the radiance of your bride to be consider a radiant cut.A radiant diamond cut is a stunningly original cut with the ultimate expression of modern assurance and glamor. With its bold symmetry and dazzling refractional characteristics, this grandiose gem is sure to enliven any celebratory occasion with a timeless magnitude of brilliance and beauty.

Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about the radiant diamond cut, from its history and significance to 4 important reasons to consider this extraordinary diamond cut.

What Are Radiant Cut Diamonds?

The radiant cut, invented in 1977, is designed to have a very specific kind of sparkle to dazzle the eye. Its shape is similar to an emerald cut, but its facets are crafted to add the spectacular, eye-catching brilliance that gives you the effect of sparkle, rather than glimmer. 

This handy primer has more information on the difference between a diamond’s shape (round, square, rectangular, and so on) versus a diamond’s cut (how its facets are molded and polished to catch the light differently). But the source of the radiant cut diamond’s enduring popularity is its ability to combine the elegance of an emerald cut — with its decadent art deco connotations — with faceting that’s distinctly modern.

Choosing the Right Diamond for Your Loved One

If you’re about to pop the question, understand that while the factors motivating your decision are probably few (love and marriage), the factors leading to an engagement ring style can be many. 

Has your partner dropped hints as to what they like? Do you have a sense of their style?

Assuming you know the answers to those questions, and you’re thinking a radiant cut diamond may fit the bill, there are some very good aesthetic reasons to buy one. Considering which diamond to buy begins with the 4 C’s. As a brief refresher:

1. Cut

Scott Fitzgerald’s matchless description of an admittedly enormous diamond in his classic short story, The Diamond as Big as The Ritz, “the first yellow beam of the sun struck through the innumerable prisms of an immense and exquisitely chiseled diamond — and a white radiance was kindled that glowed upon the air like a fragment of the morning star,” sums up a diamond’s cut perfectly.

The angles of your diamond’s cuts and the depth of those cuts will completely alter the experience of looking at a stone.  

Even if your engagement ring doesn’t contain a diamond as big as the Ritz, cut matters, as it will change how it sparkles on your loved one’s finger, which is of course, the memento of you they’ll be wearing. A radiant cut  produces more white sparkle, than other cuts, such as a marquise or emerald cut.

2. Color

Color differences between diamonds can be very subtle, but shades can range from perfectly clear and colorless (which are very rare), to the pale yellow hue of champagne diamonds, or the pale pink of rose colored diamonds. Colorless diamonds are considered the most valuable, but personal taste plays a real role here. Maybe a champagne diamond goes best with your loved one’s skin tone, or the material you’ve chosen for the engagement ring’s setting.

3. Clarity

From perfectly flawless to diamonds with tiny blemishes and so-called “inclusions” — that is, the microscopic particles of non diamond material that may be trapped in the diamond — there is a large array of diamond clarity on the market. Many of these blemishes may actually be invisible to the naked eye, but they do nonetheless affect the value of a diamond.

4. Carat

The carat size of a diamond is simply how much it weighs. The more carats, the more expensive the diamond. One metric carat equals 0.2 grams.

Of these four C’s, the most relevant to your decision about purchasing a radiant cut diamond is cut

4 Reasons to Consider a Radiant Cut Diamond

4 Radiant Cut diamond Benefits

1. Affordability

The nature of the radiant diamond’s cut means your gemologist can make more efficient use of its surface area than a round. A radiant cut diamond of the same carat weight as a round shaped diamond may appear to be larger. That makes it a more affordable option.

The radiant cut can also mean if the diamond has inclusions, they can be harder to spot. A diamond with inclusions has a lower clarity grade, meaning it will be more budget friendly. A radiant cut allows more “WOW” for your money.

2. Flattering Style

Radiant cut diamonds sit prettily on the finger, giving it more elongation, due to their rectangular shape. Some women prefer them to round-cut diamonds, which certainly have a lot of dazzle but don’t have the same elongating effect on the finger.

3. Durability

Radiant cut diamonds are cut in a manner that makes them less likely to chip or break if they are dropped or bumped on a hard surface.

4. Brilliance

“Radiant cut” isn’t just how these beauties are marketed — it’s a true reflection (no pun intended) of how they sparkle in the sun. If you’re looking for that particular kind of white light dazzle, radiant cut diamonds are a wonderful option.

Buying a diamond engagement ring is a special event in anyone’s life. These are four compelling reasons to at least consider a radiant cut diamond when it comes to this big decision!

Find the Right Guide to the Radiant Cut Diamond of Your Dreams

With an aesthetic designed for precision and innovation, this trendy cut blends elegance with power for an incomparable look that embodies both confidence and sophistication. A radiant diamond’s distinctive shape, brilliant facets and bold angles offer endless design opportunities. If you’re not sure how to proceed or need help finding the right cut diamond, you need the advice and guidance of an experienced, qualified jeweler. 

Brinker’s Jewelers is the trusted authority on buying beautifully cut diamonds for engagement and wedding rings. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you find the ring of your loved one’s dreams.

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