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5 Reasons to Choose an Oval Diamond for Your Engagement Ring


Diamonds come in all kinds of cuts and shapes. If you’re planning an engagement or a wedding and trying to find the right ring for you or your partner in a world full of possibilities, you may want to consider an oval diamond. It’s less mainstream than a round cut but has a similar elegance and appeal. An oval diamond cut boasts a unique shape and added glamor.

There’s a lot to absorb about diamonds if you’re looking for a ring that sums up your love and romance in one small, meaningful package. Here’s a handy guide that gives you some background on how to judge a diamond and offers compelling reasons to consider the oval cut diamond.

How Do You Judge A Diamond?

Three Gabriel oval shaped engagement rings
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Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch when it comes to appraising a diamond. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has comprehensive standards that squarely evaluates a diamond. How they determine a diamond’s worth boils down to the essential 4 C’s:

1. Cut

A gem’s shape and cut are different measures. Its cut refers specifically to how well a diamond is faceted to sparkle brilliantly in the light and show its “fire” — the multicolored flashes of light that make diamonds so mesmerizing on your finger.

2. Color

The GIA grades color from completely transparent to colored diamonds. Historically, only the most colorless diamonds have been prized, but now colors like champagne and rose — and even green, pink, and orange — have risen in popularity. Colored diamonds are in fact rare, with only one in a thousand diamonds emerging with a robust color. Still, they tend to be more affordable, making them appealing for your budget.

3. Clarity

Clarity refers to how many small imperfections, known as inclusions, a diamond has within it; the higher the grade of clarity, the more valuable. However, many of these blemishes are microscopic and invisible to the naked eye. Some cuts make inclusions less apparent than others, which can lower your cost without diminishing the appearance of the diamond.

4. Carat

Carat weight is a simple measure of how much your diamond weighs. More carats usually means more value. However, engagement rings can be impressive no matter the carat weight or your budget. First, establish a budget, then use a beautiful setting and a smart cut to make your ring stand out.

There is an important fifth way to judge a diamond. Ask yourself if it fits yours or your loved one’s tastes and aesthetic. Be mindful of the kind of jewelry you or they like, search for it with love, and you’ll be able to find something that is meaningful. We think  the four C’s will play into why you’ll fall in love with an oval engagement ring.

What’s Special About an Oval Diamond?

Gabriel oval shaped engagement ring on a white gold band.
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Oval diamonds present a spin on the classic and most popular cut, the round cut diamond. They have been a staple in engagement rings for good reason and can produce either a vintage or modern look, depending on your desired style. They are more elongated than round diamonds and give a more flattering look on the finger. Their shape allows a stylish configuration of facets to produce a stunning sparkle.

1. Oval Diamonds Are Brilliant

Oval diamonds share many of the advantages of round diamonds, but they also maximize their number of facets to create magic and sparkle when light reflects off the surface. This light includes the “fire,” the multicolored flashes of light that occur when light hits the diamond, and the white light that the diamond disperses back. This brilliance is ideal for wearers who prefer eye-catching diamonds with a clean and graceful look.

2. Oval Diamonds Can Look Larger

When buying a ring,  why not pick one with the most surface area for a striking effect? Oval diamonds appear larger than round diamonds because of their clever ovular shaping.

Because the oval cut looks slightly extended, it also makes your loved one’s finger look longer and more elegant — though it’s already perfect, we know.

3. Oval Diamonds Can Be Cost-Effective

Oval diamonds are flatter than round diamonds so they appear larger without increasing carat weight for less cost. More surface area means more dazzle. However, the larger the stone, the more evident issues of clarity and color will be, so choose wisely and work with a skilled jeweler you can trust.

4. Oval Diamonds Work With Numerous Settings and Styles

Oval diamonds are adaptable and suitable for many styles, and they’ve recently sparked massive interest for their elegant shape. For example, some wearers prefer an east-west orientation to the traditional north-south for their oval diamond rings for a more modern and distinctive look.

Unlike round diamonds, which reflect all their light back to your eye, oval diamonds will likely have a “bowtie effect,” meaning a black band in their middle. How noticeable that band is will depend on the clarity of the diamond and the skill of the diamond cutter. The bowtie, however, can add depth and dimension to an oval diamond ring for a unique and mesmerizing look. 

If you’re looking for an oval diamond and are thinking about creating your own design and setting, make sure to work with a knowledgeable and experienced jeweler.

5. Oval Diamonds Are Well-Shaped for Preservation

Oval diamonds tend to have smoothed ends, which means they’re less likely to chip. This shape combines both practicality and sophistication. Many other exotic shapes have sharp points, which can make them vulnerable to chipping. The oval cut will keep your ring pristine for the many years of happiness to come.

Oval Diamonds: A Shape To Remember

oval diamond engagement ring set on a pinecone in the grass

Oval cut diamonds are elegant, cost-effective, and flattering, so why not consider them as a possibility for yourself or a your loved one? If you’re ready to choose a ring with the classic and stylish oval cut, Brinker’s Jewelers offers an expert team of jewelers to meet any and all of your jewelry needs. You can select the perfect oval diamond ring to complement this special time in your life from hand-selected diamonds alongside exquisite craftsmanship and stunning styles. Visit our online store today to create the ring of your happily-ever-after!

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