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Celebrate Life’s Special Occasions

Coordinates mark life’s milestone events. Inside jokes have a special story. Fingerprints uniquely identify the ones we love most. Signatures and handwriting are the written word of those most important to us. Commemorate life’s happiest times with personally engraved jewelry.

Creating Customized Jewelry Is Our Specialty

Machine Engraving

There isn’t another machine in the country with the power and capabilities like our laser engraver. We can engrave something as finely detailed as a fingerprint in your jewelry or giftware to give you an intricately personalized keepsake.

Hand Engraving

Our award-winning Master Engraver, Mike Dubber, is internationally renowned with a reputation for delicately and deliberately handcrafting treasures that last a lifetime. We’ll help you choose text, typefaces and graphic elements that bring your message to life.

Get Your Jewelry Machine or Hand Engraved

Visit our showroom, call 812-476-0651, or fill out the form below and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.