Grass Green, Banded Russet, Spirit-Polished Red: Three August Birthstones to Adore

If you have an August birthday, you have not one but three beautiful birthstones to honor you. While the peridot is featured in many of today’s most-stunning jewelry pieces, spinel can be equally fascinating. Sardonyx is the third birthstone, and it claims a more ancient history. Our August edition of the birthstone series looks at […]

Annual Tent Sale 2019

It’s time for Brinker’s Jewelers Annual Tent Sale! This is one of the most exciting times of the year for our customers.

Brinker’s Top Picks for Spring 2019

From jade rings to pearl earrings, we have all the pieces that will help you or your significant other stand out this season. Here’s a curated list of our top picks for Spring 2019:

All About Emeralds, the Birthstone of May

Emeralds are the world’s most sought-after green-colored gemstones, and those with May birthdays are lucky to have it as their designated birthstone! They come in an array of colors, from yellow-green greenish-blue to deep green.

A Love That Never Fades

Mother’s Day is a very special day. Not just for her, but for you too! It’s about attempting to reflect the love she’s given you throughout the entirety of your life. With that special day approaching, it’s time to make a decision about how you’re going to showcase that appreciation.

April: The Month of Diamonds

Do you have an April birthday? If so, consider yourself lucky! The diamond is April’s designated birthstone. Gemstones are designated for each month due to characteristics shared by those who have birthdays in those months. This monthly distinction can often help others understand how to approach you and communicate with you.

Speak From Your Heart This Easter

This Easter, speak your heart without saying a word with the Heart Lines™ collection and one of a kind cross pendants from Brinker’s Jewelers.

10 Pieces of Jewelry to Celebrate You

We love to celebrate and believe jewelry isn’t just a gift to be given to others on special occasions. Sometimes, it’s a gift to be given to yourself to remind you of your accomplishments.

Our Favorite Jewelry Pieces for Mom

Our favorites for your favorites! Don’t give anything less than the best to the mothers who make your world go round. We know nothing in the world can tell her how much you appreciate her, but we know of a few gifts that will help you say it best.