Your Wedding Checklist: You Bought the Ring. Now What?


Everyone knows the saying, “First comes love, then comes marriage.” But what about all the steps between? What about all the planning for your big day? Everyone seems to forget about all the small, stressful tasks that need to be done before the “I Do’s.”

We’re here to make sure you don’t miss a beat when it comes to your jewelry needs on your big day.

So Here’s a Pre-Wedding Checklist:

Create a jewelry budget

There are countless choices these days when it comes to wedding accessories. You’ll also want to set a jewelry budget in advance to avoid potentially having to skip out on other important elements on your wedding checklist like snacks or decorations.

This may include items like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, tiaras, and headpieces. For the groom, this may include cuff links, bracelets, and watches.

Purchase bands several months prior to the wedding.

This is a big one.

Of course, you already have the engagement ring. That’s why you’re here! But, one thing that couples often push off is wedding band shopping.

It’s important to shop for both bands in plenty of time before the wedding. You’ll need to allow some time for potential services like customization, sizing, and shipping.

You definitely don’t want to be scrambling last second to ensure you have something to exchange at the altar!

Shop gifts for the wedding party.

Your significant other has been there for you throughout the countless alterations, tastings, and small details you thought didn’t exist… but so has your wedding party!

Don’t forget to say thank you for being there for your meltdowns with a special gift. A sparkly pair of earrings, a pair of cufflinks, or an engraved bracelet from our Inspired collection make great options to show your gratitude for the ones who have been there during your journey.

Have the rings cleaned.

You want your ring and band to sparkle on your wedding day as they did when you first got them. Don’t hesitate to stop by your jeweler to have them bring out the shine and make sure your pieces are picture-perfect.

At Brinker’s Jewelers, we are happy to bring your pieces back to life any time and especially for your big day!

Lay out your jewelry the night before.

Laying your jewelry out and ensuring you wrap it up so that it’s clean and the chains aren’t intertwined is a simple task that will make your day go smoothly and save you a headache and time.

Put your jewelry on last.

Putting your jewelry on as the last item on your wedding day will prevent it from getting dirty, breaking, snagging on your expensive dress, or getting lost.

After your wedding day.

 You made it! Your wedding went off without a hitch, and you didn’t forget a single piece of jewelry, including your partner’s ring—Phew.

Now, make sure you come in for regular cleanings and ring maintenance to guarantee your rings stay as beautiful as they were the day you got them.

Also, when the time comes to add an anniversary band or engrave a special message into your special pieces, be sure to keep Brinker’s Jewelers in mind!

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