6 Thoughtful Ways To Propose


You’ve purchased the perfect ring, and now the ring box is burning a hole in your pocket — you can’t wait to pop the question! But how? Many of our clients think choosing the ring is the most difficult part of an engagement, but in our experience, it’s the proposal they lose sleep over.

To help get the creative proposal juices flowing, we’ve made a quick list of thoughtful ways to pop the question. Don’t be afraid to add your own twist to these ideas to make them even more meaningful and memorable to you and your bride-to-be. Good luck!

6 Thoughtful Ways To Propose

1. A Significant Place

Think of all the places you have been together. Since the very beginning, is there somewhere that holds special meaning for the both of you? The location of your first date? A restaurant where you first met, the beach where you both watched the most beautiful sunset? Pick a place that holds a memorable moment for the both of you — proposing here will make this place even more special to the two of you!

2. Ask Her Friends & Family

If your bride-to-be is close to her family, or has friends near and dear to her heart, she may want them to be involved in this momentous occasion. Plan a surprise party and let her closest family and friends in on the secret. Let them help prepare the party while you polish up the ring! When you both arrive, make sure her family is holding a banner with the marriage proposal on it. She will be so surprised and excited to have the most important people around her when she says, “Yes!”

3. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Keep her guessing with this well-orchestrated proposal! Create clues and hints to leave around your hometown, or locations significant to your relationship. Each clue will lead her to the next, while also allowing her to reminisce about your time together as a couple. At the end of the crazy goose chase, be waiting for her somewhere special down on one knee with a little green box. Once she realizes why she has been running around all over town, she will be more than ready to say yes and get the ring on her finger!

4. Write Her a Letter

For those of you lovebirds who may not be great at speaking under pressure, or who may have a long distance relationship, consider writing a letter to bring old-time romance to your proposal.
Letter writing is becoming a lost art, but it can be very romantic if done properly. Think about what you would say to her if she were right in front of you. Get a nice piece of parchment and handwrite the story you two have created together. This will remind her of everything she means to you and end the letter with a heartwarming proposal. You can hand deliver the letter to her, or send it in the mail. Either way you have created a great proposal that will be documented forever.

5. Keepsake Proposal

This photo album idea is perfect for the sentimental bride, and it creates an awesome keepsake of the day you proposed.

Purchase a photo album and fill the pages with pictures of you two together, places you have been and lyrics from your favorite songs. Give the album to her as a gift, and at the end of the album have your unique proposal written on the last page. It’s a simple, yet thoughtful gesture that is sure to create a lasting memory of the day you asked her to be your wife.

6. Best Workday Ever

Want to make a scene at her workplace in the best way possible? Propose to her while she is at work! Some of the most fun and surprising proposals we have seen have happened to brides while they are at work. A proposal at the workplace is the last thing on her mind and she will never expect it. You might want to check in with her co-workers or superiors to see if there is an optimal time of day for a proposal, like recess for school teachers. If not, dress your best and be prepared to give her (and her co-workers) the most romantic surprise of a lifetime!

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