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Pros and Cons of Soldering Your Rings


It’s the great debate among most new brides, should they solder their wedding band and engagement ring together or leave them separate?

While there are pros and cons to fusing your wedding set, the decision largely depends on the bride’s lifestyle and personal taste. Some brides may be in a setting where they constantly work with their hands and would rather wear their band. Others may not conduct daily tasks that would affect their rings at all, but they prefer the look of separate rings.

No matter your preference or daily lifestyle there are still pros and cons you can consider before making a decision on soldering your priceless wedding set.

Pros of Soldering Your Ring

1. Less Wear And Tear

Like most wedding sets, when rings are worn close together they tend rub against each other causing more damage and a greater need for maintenance and repair. When soldered together this problem is eliminated because the rings are fused together, unable to wear against the other.

2. Always Centered

Brides who have a high profile feature stone on their engagement ring may find their rings twisting and spinning on their finger. Soldering would not only keep your wedding band and engagement ring in alignment of one another, but it would also help prevent your ring from being uncentered and spinning on your finger.

3. A More Natural Fit

Most women, before becoming a bride, tend to not wear multiple rings on the same finger. So when the time comes to wear both a wedding band and an engagement ring, it may feel uncomfortable to some brides. To avoid the feeling of multiple rings and sometimes pinching which two rings can cause, soldering provides the feeling of wearing only one ring.

Cons of Soldering Your Ring

1. Difficult To Reverse

Many women have had their wedding rings soldered together and later decide they want them separated. While it is possible to have your rings separated after being soldered, it is best to leave them that way unless you are open to the possibility of very minor repair changes to your ring.

2. Must Be Worn As One

A great majority of the time some women choose to only wear their wedding band for a variety  reasons. They may not wish to wear their engagement ring while working out in the gym, or find that it gets in the way during the work day or weekend activities. After soldering your rings together they can only be worn as one ring, so consider either keeping your rings separate or purchasing a secondary band for extracurricular activities.

3. Heirloom Rings

The thought of passing down your engagement ring may have never crossed your mind, but if it is something you have considered you might want to hold off on soldering your rings. While soldering your rings does not decrease the value, it will make the act of passing down your engagement ring and wedding band as separate heirlooms more difficult.

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