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4 Reasons You Should Consider a Custom Engagement Ring


What made you fall in love with your partner? Chances are, it was because they’re different than anyone else you’ve ever met. They make you feel different than anyone else has made you feel — the love you share is truly one-of-a-kind.

When you decide to take your commitment to the next level, shouldn’t the ring you choose and the proposal you plan be just as unique as your love?

At Brinker’s Jewelers, our custom process goes beyond simply picking out a setting and choosing a stone. If you can dream it, our master jewelers can create it … even it’s just an idea you scribbled on a napkin.

But that’s just one of the reasons you should consider designing versus purchasing an already crafted engagement ring — here are four more that you may not have considered.

4 Reasons You Should Consider a Custom Engagement Ring

1. The custom process is much simpler than you might think.

Just share your vision with us — we do the rest! There are four steps we go through to ensure the final piece matches what you envisioned:

  1. Prepare a 3D computer rendering of your design to give you an idea of what your custom piece will look like in its final form
  2. Create a full-size wax model from the rendering and cast it in the precious metal of your choice
  3. Set the diamonds or gemstones
  4. Polish and finish your custom ring

2. You can add special, sentimental touches.

Maybe you’d like to use a diamond from a piece in your grandmother’s jewelry collection, or add an engraving of a heartfelt love note on the inside of the band. You could add a birthstone accent, or a gemstone that represents the month you’ll be getting married. If there’s something special you two do together, such as exploring the outdoors, you could add an emerald gemstone to evoke memories of a certain place.

Small touches like this can be inserted in hidden spots, like in the setting of the ring, that aren’t obvious to the outside world — a little secret only you two know about!

3. Custom doesn’t mean expensive.

Our experts will help you design a beautiful ring within your budget, without sacrificing quality. All of our diamonds are hand-selected by a member of the Brinker family, so no matter your price range, we guarantee exceptional quality.

4. Your ring will truly be one-of-a-kind.

With all the possibilities (metal types, stone shapes and sizes, cut, clarity, or the intricate details), there is no chance that someone else will have the exact same ring you create. If you crave something different that doesn’t look like every other ring, custom is for you.

Creating one-of-a-kind pieces is our specialty — let us help make your big moment that much more memorable. We want to hear all about you and your partner’s story so we can help you design something completely original, something that was truly made for them.

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