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Why Choose a Trillion Diamond For Your Special Occasion?


Congratulations, you’ve decided you’re going to pop the big question! Now you’re likely faced with a multitude of choices. What’s the right diamond? What do all these technical terms mean? Could a trillion diamond be the right choice for an engagement ring or a wedding ring?

This blog post will guide you through some of the reasons why trillion diamonds are so well-loved by their partisans, as well as some of the criteria you should use when looking for the perfect diamond for your loved one.

What Is a Trillion Diamond?

Sometimes called a “trilliant” diamond, as when it was first introduced in the 1960s by the world-famous Royal Asscher Diamond Company in the Netherlands, a trillion diamond has an  equilateral triangular shape and the name is derived by a mix of its triangular shape and brilliant cut.  

A trillion diamond has an impressive number of facets, somewhere between 31 and 50. That number of facets gives the trillion diamond a spectacular “fire”, which is the dispersed flashes of colored, fire-like light that looks fiery when the stone is held under light. It can have straight or curved edges depending on its use.

Engagement rings with a trillion cut diamond center stone or solitaire are hard to find, most often designers use them as accents around other cuts of diamond, but a beautiful trillion diamond can certainly stand alone.

Why Choose a Trillion Diamond?

4 reasons to choose a trillion diamond
4 reasons to choose a trillion diamond

1. Look Larger For Their Carat Size

If you remember our section on carat weight, you’ll know that well-cut diamonds can punch above their carat class. That’s true for trillion diamonds — their unique triangular shape gives them a larger surface area for a diamond artisan to dazzle with. 

2. They Can Be More Cost-Effective

Because of the efficiency of cutting, there’s less waste in cutting the raw diamond —making the trillion diamond very budget-friendly. Although Round cut diamonds continue to be the most sought-after, they also have the most waste, which means that buying an unusual shape like a trillion cut can provide you with a real gem!

3. Modern and Stylish

If you’re looking for something a bit less mainstream than a classic shape, a trillion diamond could be the eye-catching style you’re looking for. The angular shape can feel a bit edgier and contemporary. The rarity of a trillion diamond being the main stone in an engagement ring makes a statement that you have spent a lot of time and thought in looking for the perfect diamond ring.

4. May Hide Imperfections

A well-cut trillion diamond ring is so elegant and dazzling it can make diamonds with some inclusions and blemishes look better than they might in other cuts.

When buying a trillion diamond engagement ring you should find a setting that protects its corners and take good care of it. Diamonds are legendarily hard, but the pointed corners of the trillion cut may be vulnerable to chipping.

Investing in a trillion diamond is an investment into modern style and elegance. If you’re considering purchasing one of these beautiful gemstones, be sure you understand the criteria for selecting the right diamond.

Understand The Four C's When Shopping for a Trillion Diamond

Of course, one of the best starting points for buying your loved one a ring is knowing their personal style. Take a look at the rings in their jewelry collection or the kinds of magazines or styles that catch their attention. 

And don’t forget to factor in your budget. There are some terms you should be prepared to hear a lot. Getting some basic understanding of them will help guide you through the journey of finding the perfect engagement ring. Just remember the Four C’s and you’re off to a great start, because these four all-important variables will determine your diamond’s rarity, beauty and price. In brief, the four C’s are:

1. Cut

A diamond’s cut does not refer to its shape (oval, oblong, round, pear, and so on, though shapes may make an impact on how a diamond is cut). Rather, it refers to how the diamond is faceted, proportioned and angled, to maximize its glimmer and shine. A well-cut diamond will have that hypnotic sense of shimmer you’re looking for, while a badly-cut diamond may look a lot more like a piece of glass! Artistry matters here, as well as a keen aesthetic sense. For more on this, read this helpful guide to all things related to diamonds’ shapes and cuts.

2. Color

Champagne diamond? Rose? Perfectly transparent? Transparency has traditionally been the goal of finding a diamond that’s fit for an engagement or wedding ring, and the less color a diamond has, the rarer it is (and therefore more expensive). But some simply prefer the look of a colored diamond, especially against different skin tones. So be true to your companions preferences, and find a hue that matches their budget and taste.

3. Clarity

Clarity refers to the presence or lack of inclusions (anything that’s not diamond) and blemishes in your diamond. These may be too microscopic to detect with your naked eye, but they will affect the value of your diamond. 

4. Carat Weight

This refers to the size of your diamond. As you may have guessed, higher carat weight translates to higher price, but some intelligent cutting can make some smaller carat diamonds look just as impressive as larger ones. Clustering smaller diamonds together can be one strategy, but also remember that it doesn’t have to be the world’s most enormous rock to say “I love you” to someone special in your life.

Finding the Right Guide For Your Trillion Diamond

Trillion diamonds are timelessly beautiful and add an element of class to any piece of jewelry they accompany. Whether you are looking for a sentimental gift, an engagement ring, or are looking to add sparkle to your loved ones ensemble, a trillion diamond never fails to leave an impression. 

When it comes to making your diamond selection, turn to an experienced jeweler that provides years of experience and exceptional service.

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