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Guide to Popular Men’s Wedding Band Styles


Since the beginning of the wedding ring’s conception, much of the focus has been on women’s engagement ring styles and stones.

Let’s switch that up!

Brinker’s Jewelers offers a wide selection of men’s wedding bands in a variety of styles, and we’re here to help you figure out which style matches your personality.

In the modern world of constantly changing trends and fashions, men may often find themselves lost when it comes to picking a band of their own.

Don’t worry—here’s a helpful guide!

Guide to Popular Men’s Wedding Band Styles:


Historically, gold has been the most popular choice for men’s wedding bands, and for good reason. Gold’s bright color and propensity for retaining its quality for many years are just a few of the qualities that make it so popular.

Available in white, yellow, or rose varieties, gold wedding bands are able to suit nearly any skin tone or style.

In addition, gold also does not rust and holds its value for years, making it a classic choice for anyone in the market for a simple, yet solid wedding band.


Platinum, as one of the rarest metals in existence, is also one of the most costly. While it’s more expensive than comparable choices, it’s also one of the strongest. Platinum is a good choice for those who work in a heavy-duty environment or often perform tasks that would result in significant wear and tear damage to their band.

Brinker’s Jewelers has a selection of platinum wedding bands available to suit multiple price points!


Titanium is one of the most durable metals you can find at a very reasonable price point. Its popularity has grown from its ability to be worn daily without signs of wear and tear.

Not only is it reasonably-priced and durable, but it is also available in a silver-white color or black titanium for those looking for something a little bit different.

Titanium is the perfect choice for the minimalistic man (with style).  


Tungsten is another extremely durable metal. This option is perfect for those who work with their hands, as rings made of tungsten will not scratch or bend and are very difficult to break.

Tungsten bands are also often very unique, as they are able to be created in a range of shades from white to black, and can be lasered, engraved, and personalized.

While it’s extremely strong, tungsten is a denser metal and may not be suited for those who prefer lightweight jewelry. These rings also cannot be resized, so it is important to ensure you get sized correctly before purchasing.

Stop by Brinker’s Jewelers anytime to get properly sized and check out our selection of tungsten men’s bands!

Our Selection

There are a variety of choices for men’s wedding bands, but the perfect one will ultimately be what most accurately represents his style and day-to-day lifestyle. Brinker’s Jewelers has a variety of options for every budget and lifestyle. Shop men’s wedding bands to see our selection, and find your perfect fit!

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