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Travel Gear

If you’re in the market for travel gear, be sure to check out the selection from Brinker’s Jewelers. We carry items from laptop cases to pencil cases. Whether you’re hitting the road or going into the office, we’ve got you covered.


Cigar Cutter with Arizona Ironwood Inlay


Cigar Cutter With Wooly Mammoth Inlay

Limited Edition

Pharoah ‘Nebula’ Woolly Mammoth Tooth Fossil Inlay Money Clip


Sterling Silver with Gold Skull Money Clip


LAMY Black Round Leather Pencil Case


Travel Gear FAQs

You can carry a laptop when traveling by putting it in a laptop sleeve or case and then placing it in your luggage. If you’re carrying it on your person, make sure to keep it close to you in a travel bag.

The benefits of having high quality travel gear include being able to better protect your belongings and having features that make traveling easier. For example, a good quality suitcase will have a sturdy frame and multiple compartments to help you stay organized.