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The 12 Most Popular White Gold Engagement Ring Styles


No moment is more magical than the one where you finally get to say “yes!” It marks the start of your life-long journey with the person you love most.

So whether you’re proposing or receiving the proposal, choosing white gold for the engagement ring is a great way to add some glimmer to your future.

Here’s Our Guide for Popular White Gold Engagement Styles:

Princess Cut

The many facets of the Princess cut offer a shine that can’t be matched by many of the other cuts.

Cushion Cut

The Cushion cut showcases a vintage look with soft corners and larger facets than most other cut styles.

Round Brilliant Cut

The Round Brilliant cut is classically stylish. The standard round brilliant stone boasts 58 facets, which create all that extra sparkle you’re craving.

Emerald Cut

The Emerald cut is typically chosen for high-clarity diamonds in a vintage setting. This cut is immediately recognizable because of the long, rectangle facets that are referred to as “step cut.”

Pear Cut

The Pear cut closely resembles the oval and marquise stone. The single point opposing the large round edge creates a larger appearance. This pear cut is one of the only cut styles that isn’t symmetrical.

Marquise Cut

The Marquise cut is an extended oval with sharp points. This cut is typically chosen for its capability to make fingers appear thinner.

Oval Cut

The Oval cut offers a symmetrical shape that generates a larger appearance than a round cut.

Heart Cut

The Heart cut is a modified round cut or pear cut. While not the most popular cut style for an engagement ring, nothing says “I love you forever” like a heart-shaped diamond.

Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut resembles the emerald cut, but its larger step facets and higher crown create a higher brilliance. When looking through the center of the table, an Asscher cut will appear to have concentric circles.


The Crisscut is a relatively new cut, and it promotes the identity of a bigger, brighter stone. These are usually rectangular and contain nearly twenty more facets than the average emerald cut. The name is derived from the crisscrossed, triangular facets that help it stand out from the other standard cuts.

Radiant Cut

The radiant cut is a combination of square and emerald cut. With cropped corners and a brilliance that rivals any other cut, the style is the preference for many ring shoppers.

Custom Cut

Brinker’s Jewelers offers the highest-quality in-house custom ring design. Regardless of your preferred ring style, our experienced staff can create a perfect reflection of the love you share with your partner.

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