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How To Determine Her Ring Size


Wondering the best way to find your girlfriend’s ring size without her knowing about it? Believe it or not, you are not the only one. This question comes up more often than you would think, so we gathered a few stealthy tips for you to sneak your bride-to-be’s ring size.

Ask Her Friend

This may not be the best kept secret, but girls like to talk to their friends about everything! There is a good chance she has already discussed what her dream ring would look like with her best gal pal. If so, her closest friend may already know what size she wears and it wouldn’t hurt to ask if she has spilled the beans on ring style either!

Sneak A Ring

If you don’t trust her friends to keep the engagement ring talk on the down low, you can always sneak a ring from her current collection. When she’s not looking take a ring from her jewelry box, preferably one she wears on her ring finger, and bring it to your ring consultation. This way you have a pretty close, if not perfect guess of her ring size for the real deal…just don’t forget to replace the ring you took. She will notice!

Pen and Paper

An oldie but a goodie is to use a pen and paper. If you don’t trust yourself toting one of her rings around town, you may want to use the tracing method. Take one of her rings and lay it on a piece of paper, then take a pen and trace around the outside of her ring. This will not give you an exact ring size, but it will be close enough to ensure that it will slide onto her finger with ease after you pop the question.

Professional Eye

This method may be a little more risky, but it’s one way to get a perfect fit. Bring her into the showroom to look at a possible birthday gift for yourself. While you’re in the store stop to have a quick conversation with Dean Brinker, or any one of our jewelry professionals. After years in the industry, with one quick glance at her hand Dean can determine her ring size within a half size!

Straight To The Point

Many couples today have already talked about the possibility of marriage, so it may come as no surprise if you were to ask her for her ring size. You don’t have to worry about sneaking around or getting her an engagement ring that does not fit perfectly the first time. If she doesn’t know her own ring size, make a day of it. Plan an eventful day and stop by your local jeweler to get her ring size and try on rings of all styles.

When it comes to engagement rings, from start to finish Brinker’s Jewelers will help you make the right choice for you and your bride. Stop by our store to see our selection of hand selected diamonds and engagement rings, or contact us by phone 812.476.0651 or contact us with any questions you may have.

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