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Celebrating 51 Years of Passion in the Jewelry Industry.


Celebrating 51 Years of Passion in the Jewelry Industry. 

Founded in 1972 to provide quality products and personalized service to the Evansville community, the Brinker family continues to build on our reputation as being honest, knowledgeable, and respectful to our valued customers.

Building trust through exceptional customer service is, and always has been, at the forefront of our values. We believe integrity is paramount in the jewelry industry and owe the success of our business to the special relationships we’ve created with our loyal customers.

As we celebrate 51 years in business, we would like to share with you thoughts from our owners on why you should choose the little green box from Brinker’s Jewelers when celebrating all of life’s special occasions!

Dean, Kyle, & Dirk Brinker

Dean Brinker:  “Knowledge, Passion & Service. That is what Brinker’s Jewelers provides every customer during each visit. Knowledge, passion and service is what created our special relationships and generational customer loyalty.” 

Dirk Brinker: “Experience. With our years of experience, I’m proud to say that we have built a team of people that care about providing you with the best guidance possible. Not only will we give you excellent service during your purchase, we will continually give you excellent service after your purchase.” 

Kyle Brinker:Honesty, Integrity and Respect. As the third generation, I followed the same principles as my family members before me. Treat everyone how you want to be treated: with honesty, integrity and  respect. Treat everything like it was your own, respect other people’s property and never cut corners. Finally, work hard and always look for ways to improve yourself.”

Without these guiding principles, we wouldn’t be celebrating 51 years of serving our customers! We are thankful for our customers’ trust in us and for  our team’s dedication to the Brinker family’s principles. 

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