Caring for your jewelry from home

There is a vast amount of jewelry care knowledge available. Understanding basic information like where to store your jewelry and other tips and tricks helps keep your jewelry as beautiful as possible between professional servicing.


Helpful tricks and tips for caring for jewelry from home:

  1. Store jewelry pieces separately to protect from scratches, sharp blows, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and sunlight
  2. Always remove rings and other finer jewelry before household tasks such as gardening, cleaning, polishing and moving furniture or other heavy household items
  3. Always put jewelry on after bathing, washing hair, applying makeup and body lotions, perfumes, fragrance oils and other beauty or hair care products
  4. Remove jewelry prior to swimming in chlorinated water from pools, hot tubs, or Jacuzzis
  5. Always store jewelry at room temperature and away from direct sunlight or other hot surfaces to keep gemstones or precious metals from fading or coming loose
  6. Always lay any beaded necklaces, such as lapis and pearls, on a flat, cloth surface
  7. Polish Sterling silver by buffing it with a Sunshine or other soft cotton cloth before storing it away in sealable plastic bags
  8. Always keep a close eye on stones mounted in rings, necklaces and other jewelry pieces to insure they are not loose, broken or rattling
  9. As you continue to care for your jewelry throughout the years, periodically bring your most treasured pieces to us at Brinker’s to have it inspected, reset and repaired as necessary to preserve and maintain it’s security and value

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