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What To Do With Old Jewelry

January 24, 2017


It’s long overdue, your jewelry box is stuffed to the brim. The time has come to sort through all the pieces you have collected and decide which jewelry stays and which goes.

But after a meticulous jewelry box cleanse, what do you do with all the pieces that didn’t make the cut?

Depending on the jewelry you are ready to part with, you may have a few options.

A Simple Update
A minor jewelry update could be the best choice for a piece that you still enjoy, but is slightly out of style or too worn to wear. Simply swapping out the gemstones for a more modern look, or having a ring re-dipped can bring the life back to an aged piece of fashionable jewelry.

A Total Redesign
What about those pieces that were gifted to you or that you inherited? They hold sentimental value, yet you rarely wear them because they’re not quite your style.

A jewelry redesign would be an excellent option. You can use the stones that are in the existing ring and have them mounted into a new setting that fits your personality.

Sell or Credit
Some of your jewelry might be too far gone for repair, or you simply don’t want it anymore and would rather make room for newer pieces. If this is the case, selling or trading your jewelry would be a great option. Gather up your outdated and unwanted jewelry and take them to your local jeweler to sell for cash, or even get credit towards a new piece.

Pass it Down
Some pieces of jewelry may be too important or sentimental to part with.

This type of jewelry has the potential to become heirloom pieces, if you so choose. Heirloom jewelry traditionally holds great value, either sentimental or monetary, and is passed down through generations. They are given to someone, a close friend or family member, that would cherish the piece and ideally pass it on to someone else in later years.

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