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Time Change

By Brinker's Jewelers

The Inspiration Behind

Monta Watch

MONTA WATCH is an American-based luxury sport watch manufacturing company that focuses on emulating the classic design of tool watches from the 1950’s and 1960’s.
Founded by three passionate watch enthusiasts, Michael DiMartini, Justin Kraudel, and David Barnes, this innovative brand takes several stylistic cues from this unique era:

Brushed case finishing
Chamfers on the inner and outer lugs
Applied markers and date window
Fully articulating bracelet links.

If you’re looking for classic style with modern accents, a MONTA WATCH will tick all the boxes.

It's Time For A Change.

Oris Clean Ocean Project

It takes true confidence to become a trailblazer, and it’s clear that ORIS has it.
Through the “Ocean Project,” an environmental awareness initiative, they’ve introduced more sustainable materials into their watch manufacturing process. The decision to do so is making waves throughout the watch community.

Each of the 2,000 new Oris Aquis diver’s watches is constructed with recycled plastic to raise awareness of the fact that improper disposal of plastics is causing irreversible damage to the underwater ecosystems and to the environment as a whole.