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The Birthstone of July: The Ruby

July 17, 2019


When you think of gemstones, a few probably come to mind: diamonds, emeralds, and maybe sapphires. But not all are as vibrant and colorful as the ruby.

For centuries, rubies have been known for their brilliant red color and radiance, shining brightly and creating stunning pieces of jewelry.

The Birthstone of July: The Ruby

Rubies are comprised of the mineral corundum, a hard aluminum oxide.

The trace amounts of chromium within each ruby gives it a vibrant red tone. This chromium is the unique element that distinguishes its composition from the sapphire.

Due to their extreme durability and long-lasting tendencies, rubies are rated as a 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This means that they’re nearly as hard as the diamond.

Many jewelry pieces created from rubies are passed down through many generations due to their long-lasting natural properties.

Traditionally, rubies have been associated with beauty and wisdom, but they’ve also been historically known for symbolizing power, peace, and protection. In ancient India, rubies were worn to help feel and promote peace and harmony during times of conflict and struggle with enemies.

Whether you’re interested in the historical significance or the beautiful color, the ruby is a fantastic primary gemstone for any significant, sentimental jewelry piece.

Brinker’s Jewelers Ruby Selection

Having the ruby as your birthstone is the perfect excuse to shop our stunning ruby selection.

After all, you were basically born to wear these, right?

Our selection is constantly changing as we bring new gemstone pieces into the store. Here is one of our favorite pieces we currently carry from the Roberto Coin collection!

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