SKU: 597-01135

G-Shock Analog/Digital GA-110 Series Watch GA110GB-1A

SKU: 597-01135

G-Shock Analog/Digital GA-110 Series Watch GA110GB-1A

A model from the G-SHOCK black and gold series, continuing the pursuit of toughness. Uses the GA-110 as the base model, which has original functions and design. Equipped with a speedometer and featuring a three-dimensional face design with small parts in layers. Coloring is an energetic glossy gold on a characteristically rustic G-SHOCK all-black body. The glossy paint over the entire body and the texture of the mirror treatment applied all over combine to create a gorgeous, cool design. A G-SHOCK that combines technology and advanced design.

The G-SHOCK pulled off its astonishing debut in 1983 as a tough watch that would not break even if dropped.
The brand has incorporated a diverse array of cultural influences since then, continuing to evolve in a way unlike any other.
In 2010, a fresh new face joined the G-SHOCK family: a new standard analog model, the GA-110. With its current trend-savvy combination of large case size and subcultural acumen, the watch delivered an overwhelming sense of presence and unique detail that won over young people worldwide in the blink of an eye.

Ten years have passed since that day. Having continued to evolve in a dazzling array of diverse models, the GA-110 now arrives at a new peak moment in its history, with the new metal-covered construction. The original CMF design delivers fresh new colors, materials and finishes. Distinctly tinged with the DNA of the GA-110, its forebear, the new GM-110 presents its own completed form, a model offering both strength and beauty as a watch.


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