SKU: 190-6039

Elongated Cushion Cut Canadian Diamond

SKU: 190-6039

Elongated Cushion Cut Canadian Diamond

.91ct. AGS Certified Canadian Diamond

With the brilliance of light reflecting like the sun from the arctic snow, this diamond from Gahcho Kue mine in the Northwest Territory of Canada explodes with an intense fire! Fabulously elongated following the curves from the raw diamond unearthed near the arctic circle, this diamond hits above its weight class!

Ideal in Cut, Ideal in Polish and Excellent in Symmetry. If you are looking for a Canadian  diamond with all the fire of the Northern Lights, we have it. A true one-of-a-kind. Schedule your showing of this magnificent stone. 


The Canadian Difference:

Canada has a deep love for our natural resources with diamonds being the highest expression of love.  Thanks to Canada’s world class standard for sustainable mining, we are custodians of our precious lands and take great pride and care releasing these rare gems.  From the moment our land is surveyed to the final reclamation (the process of restoring the land to its former condition), respect is given to the land that provides life to the diverse ecosystem of the great white north. 

With such deep love for our natural resources, even greater care is given to each diamond, releasing the ideal blend of intense fire and brilliance.  Some of our talented polishers have come to the north from around the world with a desire to polish the diamonds from Canada, renown in the polishing communities as optically superior rough crystals.

Based in the capital of the Northwest Territories of Canada, Diamonds de Canada brings experience from both aboriginal and international talent with an expertise to polish beautiful diamonds.  Let us show you the difference. 

About the Gaucho Kue Mine:

Located at the shores of Kennady Lake, these diamonds possess a powerful energy that was infused in them at the dawn of time. With a piercing blue glow under the right lighting, it is as if they were touched by the Northern Lights, a revered natural phenomenon that indigenous lore believe is the energy from the dawn of time. These raw diamonds have unique characteristics such as a frosted surface that is a natural legacy of the extreme natural heat and pressure that was imprinted onto the surface of the diamond in its formation. Superbly crisp in transparency, grain that is so tight that on the skive, a polisher immediately knows they are polishing a “GK diamond.”

Only the daring connoisseur can truly appreciate these diamonds as they have a personality that reacts to the environment it is in, regal and stoic during the day, and a bon viveur at night.

These diamonds love to be cut to exceptional shapes that are not traditional. Radiants with a small table and steep crown to bring out intense scintillation, ovals with a four-point compass in its heart are a few examples that truly personalize these diamonds.

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