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Carbon Core Guard Structure G-SHOCK GSTB300B-1A
SKU: 597-326

Carbon Core Guard Structure G-SHOCK GSTB300B-1A

Introducing the GSTB300B-1A, the latest in the new rugged style of G-STEEL models that feature Carbon Core Guard structure. The new GSTB300s adopt tough G-SHOCK styling with a disk indicator at 6 o’clock that shows the current mode and charge level, and a front button that completes the overall rugged look. The disk, a round graphic digital display between 1 and 2 o'clock, and a digital display as 12 o'clock add to both functionality and looks. The new GSTB300B-1A model comes in a black case and resin band accompanied with striking Gold IP accented button, screws and buckle.

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