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Men's Bands

If you are in the market for a men’s wedding band, be sure to check out the selection from Brinker’s Jewelers. We have a wide variety of styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect band to match your personality and style. From classic gold bands to more modern bands, Brinkers has a band for every groom.


14K White Gold 6mm – Satin Center and Polished Edge Men’s Wedding Band

Stainless Steel Iridescent Digital Analog G-Shock Watch GA2100NN-1A

Stainless Steel Iridescent Digital Analog G-Shock Watch GA2100NN-1A


14K White Gold 6mm – Rounded Satin Polished Edge Mens Wedding Band


14kt White Gold Brushed Double Black Link M Fit Wedding Band


14kt Yellow Gold Florentine 6mm Light Half Round Comfort Fit Wedding Band


14kt Yellow Gold 6mm Light Half Round Comfort Fit Wedding Band


18kt Rose and White Gold Frost Marble Flat Wedding Band


Men's Bands FAQs

The groom’s wedding band is supposed to be bought by his bride. It is a tradition for the bride to buy the groom’s wedding band as a sign of her love and commitment to him. The groom’s wedding band is also a symbol of his fidelity to his wife.

Traditionally, men have chosen wedding bands that are simple and classic in design. Platinum or gold bands with a smooth, round finish are often the most popular choices. Some men opt for a more unique look, choosing bands with diamond accents or inlays of other materials. Whatever the choice, the band should be comfortable to wear and fit well with the groom’s lifestyle.

Men’s wedding bands are typically thicker than women’s bands because they need to be more durable. A thicker band is less likely to bend or break and is less likely to scratch or snag on clothing.