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Do You Have Unwanted, Old Or Broken Jewelry?

Turn your current unwanted jewelry item into something you will treasure for years to come this July at Brinker's Jewelers!

July Gold-Buying & Trade-in Event

Brinker's Jewelers has been reliably sourcing, selling and exchanging precious metals, estate jewelry and diamonds since we were founded in 1972.

We buy gold, silver, and diamonds, as well as offer complimentary verbal assessments on diamonds over 1/4ct or larger year-round, but our 20% more offer during the month of July is the best deal you'll get all year!

View current market prices and bring your pieces into the showroom the month of July to get an additional 20% in cash or trade-in for your unwanted or outdated jewelry! Turn your unwanted pieces into a new classic with $100 off a $500 jewelry redesign.

NOTE: Prices shown do not include the offer of 20% more cash or 20% more in trade. The 20% more offer is not valid on gold and silver coins. 

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Stop by Brinker's Jewelers so we can provide you with the most accurate trade, credit, or cash value. We cannot value pieces over the phone.

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