Unveiling the NOMOS Tangente 38 Date: A Limited Edition Tribute to 175 Years of Watchmaking Excellence


In 2025, Glashütte celebrates a milestone that marks the inception of an era in horology—a history marked by artisanal excellence and precision.

NOMOS releases its Tangente 38 Date Limited Edition Collection to celebrate this momentous occasion. This exquisite series not only commemorates the illustrious history of Glashütte’s horological craftsmanship but also brings a vibrant burst of innovation to the fore with 31 captivating color variations.

Brinker’s Jewelers is proud to offer watch enthusiasts and collectors the opportunity to own a piece of this storied tradition, where each hand-wound, Chronometer-certified timepiece represents a fusion of heritage and modernity.

Celebrating 175 Years of Glashütte Watchmaking with NOMOS Tangente 38 Date

The town of Glashütte, situated in the eastern Ore Mountains region of Germany, has exhibited a commitment to high standards and quality since 1845 when Ferdinand Adolph Lange established its first watchmaking workshop. This heralded the start of an unparalleled success story that remains unrivaled by any other town worldwide.

NOMOS celebrated this story through its Tangente range, introduced over three decades ago as one way it honors tradition while paying tribute to modern design style. The Tangente 38 Date is a further development of the classic timepiece, enhanced with an exquisite color palette and upgraded features that make it one-of-a-kind. This exclusivity underscores the significance of the anniversary and Nomos’s respect for the artisanal legacy that has defined Glashütte for nearly two centuries.

A Kaleidoscope of Time: The Tangente 38 Date Color Variations

NOMOS Tangente 38 Date Limited Edition Colorways

The Tangente 38 Date Collection, with its distinctive dial variations and namesakes, is a visual masterpiece. Each model features an exquisite mix of hues that make it unique while staying faithful to the classical design philosophy NOMOS is renowned for.

This array of options ensures that there is a Tangente 38 Date to suit every style and occasion, from the classic elegance of traditional black and white dials to the personal flair of bright, muted, and pastel tones. Each color variant not only adds a distinct character to the watch but also allows for personal expression through the subtleties of color.

The names given to each color variation are as captivating as the shades they represent. While colors like “Flamingopink” and “Poporange” may be more recognizable, others such as “Nachtgesang,” evoke a sense of depth that echoes Nomos’s dedication to craftsmanship.

These names are not merely whimsical; they reflect the vibrant and unique color schemes of the watches, inviting wearers to form a personal connection with their timepiece. Whether drawn to the fiery zest of “Chili” or the warm glow of “Katzengold,” each name tells a story, turning the act of reading time into a more colorful and engaging experience.

Design and Features of the Tangente 38 Date Limited Edition

NOMOS Tangente 38 Datum Super Sardine - Limited Edition Collection for 175 Years of Watchmaking

Staying true to the hallmark design of NOMOS Glashütte, each Tangente 38 Date watch represents a blend of modern minimalism and classic elegance. The watch’s aesthetic is characterized by uncluttered dials with simple number markers and indexes, ensuring that the time is always legible at a glance. This design ethos extends to the date window, neatly integrated at the six o’clock position, and a counter dial that adds depth without compromising the watch’s sleek profile.

In terms of construction, each Tangente 38 Date features a robust 37.5mm stainless steel case that houses the exceptional NOMOS caliber DUW 4101 movement. This hand-wound, Chronometer-certified caliber underscores NOMOS’ dedication to precision and quality, boasting a 42-hour power reserve.

The sapphire crystal exhibition caseback allows for a peek at the meticulously crafted movement, which features Glashütte ribbing and blued screws as hallmarks of its exceptional quality. Whether appreciated for its understated elegance or coveted as a collectible, the Tangente 38 Date watch represents an exceptional fusion of design and function.

Exclusivity and Craftsmanship

The Tangente 38 Date collection by NOMOS Glashütte is steeped in exclusivity, with each of the 31 models strictly limited to a mere 175 pieces worldwide. This exclusivity is mirrored in the Tangente’s color variations, limited to just 31 for this series. The watches represent a fusion of heritage and innovation while paying homage to Glashütte as the birthplace of German watchmaking.

In a bold move, the Tangente 38 Date introduces a slightly larger 37.5mm case size, enhancing its presence on the wrist while maintaining the brand’s signature aesthetic. The use of vibrant and diverse color variations adds a modern twist to the classic design, catering to discerning collectors and enthusiasts who seek a timepiece that stands out with bold and expressive hues.

The craftsmanship of these watches is further elevated by the individual serial number engraved on the sapphire crystal exhibition caseback, marking each watch as a unique piece of history. With this level of detail, NOMOS Glashütte continues to honor its commitment to excellence and the storied tradition of Glashütte watchmaking.

Style Meets Substance: Strap Options and Wearability

NOMOS Glashütte’s design philosophy of embracing simplicity extends to the Tangente 38 Date selection and allows for great flexibility when it comes to strap options.

Each model comes paired with woven textile straps in various muted grays, ensuring the watch remains both stylish and adaptable to different tastes and occasions. The straps are crafted to enhance the overall minimalist design, while providing comfort and durability for everyday wear.

This careful consideration of strap selection underscores NOMOS’ commitment to creating watches that are as practical as they are beautiful, allowing the wearer to seamlessly transition from business to casual settings without compromising on style.

The Tangente 38 Date Collection in the Watch Community

NOMOS Tangente 38 Datum Lemonbiscuit - Limited Edition Collection for 175 Years of Watchmaking - wristshot

The Tangente 38 Date Limited Edition Collection has been the talk of the watch community since its debut at Watches and Wonders, the premier event for horology enthusiasts. The watches have been featured in several online publications, cementing their popularity among watch enthusiasts. The watches have been praised for their immaculate design and impressive color variations, adding an element of fun and personality to an already exceptional timepiece.

The collection’s release is a testament to the enduring appeal of NOMOS Glashütte’s designs and the anticipation of collectors seeking to add a distinguished piece to their assortments. The Tangente 38 Date has been highly praised for its fusion of vibrant colors, precise mechanics, and timeless design. As the collection continues to garner attention and acclaim, it solidifies its place as an essential piece for any watch enthusiast’s collection.

Embrace History and Innovation: Secure Your Legacy with the NOMOS Tangente 38 Date Limited Edition Collection

NOMOS Tangente 38 Datum Schlossgruen - Limited Edition Collection for 175 Years of Watchmaking - closeup of watch face

The NOMOS Glashütte Tangente 38 Date Limited Edition Collection signifies a momentous occasion in watchmaking history, offering aficionados and collectors a rare opportunity to own a piece of horological art. This exclusive series encapsulates the legacy of Glashütte, a town synonymous with exceptional horology. The collection boasts a run of just 175 pieces per model and highlights 31 color variations, each exuding individual charm and handcrafted details. There is an allusion to personal significance as well, with a color palette catering to a spectrum of tastes.

The limited edition Tangente 38 Date watches not only imbue a rare essence but also blend tradition with modernity, featuring Chronometer-certified precision of the DUW 4101 movement. We at Brinker’s Jewelers, take immense pride in offering this unique collection for purchase in our store, making the unrivaled horological craftsmanship accessible to our valued patrons.

We cordially invite you to visit us and explore this vibrant array of NOMOS Tangente 38 Date models. Owning a piece from this collection is not merely a purchase but an investment in the rich legacy of fine craftsmanship and design. As we step into a future filled with indomitable spirit and innovation, NOMOS Glashütte offers 31 different colors of Tangente in this limited edition collection, allowing you to bear a unique part of heritage on your wrist.

We appreciate and acknowledge the value that collectors and enthusiasts place on precision, history, and design. Becoming a part of this elite circle of aficionados represents a celebration of both tradition and modernity. Visit Brinker’s Jewelers to personally explore this exquisite collection and let us assist you in selecting a timepiece that compliments your personal style, and secure your piece of horological history before this limited series becomes unreachable.

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