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Pearls: A Classic Touch for the Modern Woman


Pearls: A Classic Touch for the Modern Woman

Pearls have a long and romantic history. In Ancient Rome, they were considered an ultimate symbol of wealth, and were associated with love and marriage in Ancient Greece. Modern pearl styles go far beyond your mother’s traditional strand of pearls. Both classic and contemporary looks are beautifully complimented by the pearl, giving the modern woman plenty of choices.

It can be difficult to understand how a pearl is formed, let alone the differences between each type! We will give you the basics of the pearl’s journey into the world and the distinctions of each kind.

The Journey of a Pearl

A pearl begins as a foreign object, such as a piece of shell, that makes its way into an oyster’s fragile inner body where it cannot escape. The oyster then, in an attempt to defend itself, creates a silky-smooth substance around the object. This substance is called the “nacre.” The oyster will continue making this substance as long as the foreign object is in its body until a pearl is formed.

A Guide to Picking the Perfect Pearl

Natural pearls are very rare. Unlike gemstones which need both cut and polished to bring out their beauty, a natural pearl doesn’t need any treatment to reveal its beauty. Since they are quite rare and expensive for most buyers, many great alternatives exist.

Most people believe that both freshwater and saltwater pearls are natural; however, most are cultured. This simply means that a person implants the foreign object into the oyster instead of nature doing this on its own.

The cultured pearl ultimately shares the same qualities as a natural pearl. People start the process but nature determines the quality of the pearl. Sometimes over 10,000 pearls are sorted to complete a matching necklace.

The two types of cultured pearls are freshwater and saltwater. Let’s examine the benefits of each kind.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are grown in mussels living in rivers and lakes. They come in a large variety of shapes and are ideal if you are looking for a non-traditional shape.

These are typically the most affordable pearl and are known for their baroque shapes. They offer the widest range of options as they come in many colors, sizes, and shapes.

Saltwater Pearls

Saltwater pearls are usually round and have better luster than many other pearls. These white and cream colored pearls range in size from 4-10 mm and have a highly reflective luster.

Akoya pearls are among the most popular saltwater pearls because of their ideal shape and wonderful luster. When one imagines a classic set of round pearls, the Akoya is probably what they are thinking of.

How can Brinker’s Help?

We are a retailer of the stunning Mikimoto pearls. Today, the name still represents the creation of exotic contemporary designs that dramatically showcase the beauty of the pearl and her distinct attributes in unexpected ways. Our Mikimoto designs feature Akoya, South Sea, and Baroque cultured pearls, just to name a few.

Pearls have a strong history and a bright future. They are seen everywhere on the red carpet and runways. The pearl is a necessity to any woman’s fine jewelry collection and can be found right here at Brinker’s Jewelers.


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