Nomos 49 Limited Edition Club Campus For Brinkers Jewelers


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Published: October 29, 2021
By: Andrew Neita,, Founder and Editor In-Chief

“Brinkers has released their newest limited edition, the Nomos 49. Part of the Nomos Club collection, the Nomos 49 is a colorful sports watch that is extremely limited to 50 pieces.”

Nomos 49 Limited Edition

Brinker’s Jewelers has done it again. The Nomos 49 is their most recent limited edition within the Club Campus collection. Although the Club Campus collection is bright and colorful, the Nomos 49 seems to stand out from the rest. Limited to 50 pieces, the green dial Nomos 49 is exclusive to Brinkers customers.

In this article we discuss the different features of this watch but I’d like to dive into first impressions and overall thoughts first. This is the second time that I’ve been able to get hands on with a Brinker’s limited edition Nomos and my first impression of both were exceptional. Nomos is a brand that I’ve always viewed from a far but once I got hands on I was very impressed. What I enjoyed the most about the Nomos 49 was the combination of colors used in conjunction with the matte finished case.

Green has been a very popular color in the watch world as of late and we’ve seen many shades in production. I had to think if I have ever seen this kind of green used in a watch and til this day nothing comes to mind. The Nomos 49 has a very unique green dial and its complimented by a comfortable navy blue strap. Both blue and green elevate the other one and pairs for an excellent combination.


Housed in the Nomos 49 limited edition is the notable in-house Alpha movement. The Alpha movement is very well known and important to Nomos because it was their first in-house movement, which played a large role in their recent expansion.

This movement is a manual wind which isn’t what I expected for this watch, but I was pleasantly happy to see. I don’t know why, it just seemed fitting that this watch has a manual wound movement.


The dials on Club Campus watches are legible, simplistic, and very colorful. In this limited edition, the Nomos 49 is dressed with a unique green dial that seems to fit the collection perfectly. For a 38mm watch, there was no issue for me reading the dial at a quick glance. Normally as the watch case gets smaller, dials get more busy and therefore less legible. The Nomos 49 by Brinker’s Jewelers doesn’t have to worry about that.


Overall the Nomos 49 seemed very light and the strap added to that comfort. When I put on this watch for the first time, one of my initial thoughts was “this is comfortable”. It wasn’t so much comfortable because how it fit my wrist, it was comfortable because I could barely feel it on my wrist. The navy blue strap does an excellent job at providing extreme comfort and at the same time elevating other features of the watch.


When compared to other Club Campus watches, the Nomos 49 has something that is completely unique and that is the matte finished case. The manufacturing process to sandblast and apply the matte finish is much more difficult than just applying a mirror polish. What the owners of the Nomos 49 get for this is not just a watch that looks unique. They get a watch with a case that is highly resistant to scratching, which will always make this watch looking new.

Nomos 49 Pricing & Availability

At the time of writing this article, a public price has not been set for this watch. We’ll update this article when that information is released.

Availability of the Nomos 49 is extremely limited. Production was set to 50 pieces and there are most likely many buyers who are lined up, especially if they missed out on last years limited edition.

How To Buy The Nomos 49

You can purchase the Nomos 49 only here on Brinkers website. If you’re interested I would highly recommend looking into this watch immediately. Their last limited edition was so popular that it was selling above MSRP on the pre-owned market not long after it’s launch.

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