Knowing When To Have Your Watch Serviced


It’s time to Service Your Watch

Personal connections develop themselves throughout our lifetime. That connection can then morph into a wonderful relationship. Watches should be no different. The timepiece is with you frequently, and you become reliant on the continuous knowledge it gives you. Unfortunately, after years of enjoyment, the watch will begin to falter. Slowing down, starting and stopping; not acting its normal self. When you begin to notice these symptoms, it is time to service your watch.

Each watch is individualized – each one having different characteristics internally and externally. Once these negative symptoms begin to show themselves, many different issues could be coming into play. Watches rely on lubrication internally to assist the gear-train and other components function smoothly. Once these lubrications start to lose their fundamental properties, the gears face negative friction, running metal on metal, then dust and debris start to form. As this debris starts to be passed around the gear-train, it will start to wreak havoc on the components, thus causing your watch to run incorrectly.

How Often Should I Get My Watch Serviced?

There are many different reasons your trusted timepiece could start to run incorrectly, no longer be water-resistant, and lose your trust. Once these problems arise, it is time to have your watch properly estimated for repair. Regular and proper maintenance on your timepiece can save you future headaches and potentially hundreds of dollars towards those future repairs. Depending on your wearing habits, the general service interval recommendation is once every five-seven years for mechanical timepieces. Establishing yourself with a quality service center is something that we strongly recommend.

What is the Watch Repair Process?

The service process begins with an estimate, to find the cause or causes of the problem(s). Once the problem has been diagnosed, the estimate can be created and then will be discussed in detail between you and the repair facility. Proper maintenance and evaluations here at Brinker’s Jewelers start with the following and are not limited to:

  • Pressure/vacuum check on the watch case
  • Hand-cleaning of the case (pending the outcome of the previous testing)
  • Cleaning of the bracelet in the ultrasonic machine and a final scrub w/ a brush
  • Performance evaluation
  • Battery replacement for quartz watches
  • Gasket inspection, replacement and/or re-lubrication
  • If the bracelet links have screws, we will add Loc-tite to them
  • Inspection of your spring bars (replacement if necessary)
  • Overall evaluation of your case and bracelet; inspection of the pins and tubes
  • If needed, watch band and/or watch strap replacement options are available

*Quartz Maintenance Service comes with a one year warranty

**Mechanical Timepiece Service comes with a two-year warranty

For mechanical watches, problems will normally be found during the performance evaluation. Our timing machines let us know in detail how your watch is running, in many different positions (simulating one’s wearing habits). If negative symptoms cannot be discovered by us during the performance evaluation, we will run the watch through several tests to determine the issue. Other services can also be performed, pending the specific needs of your watch and by certain requests, you may have.

Why Choose Brinker’s Jewelers for Watch Repair?

We are a full-service watch repair center for all of the watch brands that we carry at Brinker’s Jewelers. However, we are not limited to only those. Our knowledgeable watchmakers are able to service many different watch brands and are willing to always take care of your specific needs.

Having a certified watchmaker service your watch will ensure the quality and accuracy of your timepiece. Visit us in-store or contact us to get started on a service for your timepiece!

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