The Importance of Proper Watch Maintenance


Regular maintenance saves you money. A car should be washed and waxed periodically to prolong the life and good looks of the paint.

Your watch is no different.

Having your watch serviced by a qualified watch professional on a regular basis will help maintain its value and performance.

Everyday pollutants, soaps and perfumes become embedded in the watch bracelet. This can cause excessive wear and require premature replacement of the bracelet. We recommend your watch case and bracelet be cleaned on a regular basis to keep the quality of your watch up to manufacturer standards.

Just as the hinge pins on a car door wear down, the pins of a watch bracelet can become worn as well. Watches need to be inspected for weakened or damaged bracelet pins. If the pins are not checked and replaced, any worn pins could potentially cause loss or damage to your invaluable timepiece. Routine watch maintenance allows us to check the integrity of the bracelet pins and quickly make any necessary replacements.

Whether your watch is water resistant or fully waterproof, moisture in a watch is like water in a gas tank. To avoid damage and unnecessary repairs your watch should be sealed against all forms of moisture. Most people don’t know that every time a watch is opened for any reason it should be moisture tested to ensure that the manufacturers standards listed on your watch are maintained.

This not only protects the watch from accidental exposure to water, but also prolonged exposure to the moisture in the air. Not to worry, we have the very latest technology that allows us to safely test the water resistance of your watch and help you protect your investment.

Regularly maintaining a fine timepiece ensures that it will remain a treasured piece for future generations to enjoy.

Brinker’s Jewelers operates the most advanced and well-staffed watch repair service facility in the Midwest. We have 4 Swiss certified watchmakers on staff for all of your watch servicing needs and continue to educate ourselves in the latest advancements in our field.

Whether you need a new battery or a bespoke watch part manufactured, we offer you the very best watch service possible.


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