Forgotten Vintage Rolex Sells for $272,000

Click here to view the original article.Published Oct. 4, 2021By INSTORE Staff “The condition is everything a collector could hope for with original components, unrestored condition, and featuring all the authentic signs of wear of a 67-year-old legendary Rolex.” A rare vintage Rolex watch found at the bottom of a dusty old box has sold at auction […]

Victorinox Watches: What You Need To Know

When one thinks of Victorinox they often envision the iconic red knife carried and used by civilians and military personnel for more than a century. The Swiss Army knife is one of the most recognizable tools the world has ever known. The bright red color adorned with the familiar Swiss Cross, the multitude of specialty […]

Oris Watches: What to know before you buy one

When it comes to mechanical Swiss watches, Oris provides a considerable value-to-cost return. Oris watches are certainly not cheap — in either price or execution — but they cost significantly less than their competitors in the Swiss luxury mechanical watch market. Most Oris watches run between $1,000 to $3,000. Their most expensive pieces end where […]

Shinola Watches: Everything You Need to Know

When you think luxury watches, a list of Swiss brands may come to mind: Rolex, Breguet, TAG Heuer, Omega, Patek Philippe. However, one American watch company is rapidly changing that association — and it’s called Shinola.‌The Detroit-based brand has seen immense success in its 10 short years on the luxury watch scene, and for good […]

Tag Heuer Watches: What to Know Before You Buy One

Synonymous with luxury watchmaking today, TAG Heuer first emerged from humbler roots.‌From his small workshop in the Swiss village of St-Imier, Edouard Heuer began building the brand’s reputation for pioneering excellence in 1860. But his legacy didn’t just launch TAG Heuer’s own evolution. The watchmaker’s unique mechanisms — and impressive number of patents — advanced […]

Zodiac Watches: Everything You Need To Know

Zodiac watches are endearing expressions of modern timekeeping, nodding to the traditions and tastes of bygone eras. Incorporating authentic Swiss horology and craftsmanship, the brand has cultivated a legacy of innovation, quality, and precision. From a detailed history to the most popular styles, find out everything you need to know about this well-established brand.   […]

Knowing When To Have Your Watch Serviced

There are many different reasons your trusted timepiece could start to run incorrectly, no longer be water-resistant, and lose your trust. Once these problems arise, it is time to have your watch properly estimated for repair.

4 Reasons Our Watch Department is Unmatched

Whether you’re purchasing your very first watch — a moment no watch enthusiast forgets — or adding another timepiece to your collection, you need to shop with a retailer you can trust.

Baselworld 2018: A Sneak Peek from Our Watch Team

brinker's jewelers goes to baselworld 2018

For the watch team of Brinker’s Jewelers, Baselworld is about so much more than just the watch show —it’s about what’s before and after the show, and the invaluable knowledge they bring back with them.