Classic, Mystical, and Alluring – The Three Birthstones of June

birthstones of june

Birthstones hold special significance in the hearts of countless people for their natural beauty as well as their invaluable sentimental worth. The month of June is one of two months that has not just two, but three different birthstones associated with it. Accompanied only by those born in December, individuals with June birthdays are fortunate […]

Jewelry Trends for 2020

In 2020, fashion trends will set the stage for the decade to come. Much like the accessories that brought an edgy style in the past, this year’s accessories will be full of bold pieces with a timeless touch.

Brinker’s Jewelers Guide to Gold Earrings

The current trend in fashion jewelry is gold earrings! They transition perfectly between the seasons and can be worn in multiple settings as long as they are paired with the right outfit. Not to mention, they are both affordable and stylish!

4 Reasons Everyone is Obsessed with Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold jewelry has seen a significant comeback the last few years, and there’s a good reason for it. Other than being considered one of the most romantic metals due to its peachy-rose color, it’s also surprisingly functional. Your jewelry collection would be lucky to have such a sought-after addition.

Brinker’s Top Picks for Spring 2019

From jade rings to pearl earrings, we have all the pieces that will help you or your significant other stand out this season. Here’s a curated list of our top picks for Spring 2019:

A Quick Guide to Colored Diamonds

colored diamonds

What if you could own something rarer than a diamond? It is possible — making up less than .1% of the world’s mined diamonds, colored diamonds are harder to come by than white diamonds.