Grass Green, Banded Russet, Spirit-Polished Red: Three August Birthstones to Adore

If you have an August birthday, you have not one but three beautiful birthstones to honor you. While the peridot is featured in many of today’s most-stunning jewelry pieces, spinel can be equally fascinating. Sardonyx is the third birthstone, and it claims a more ancient history. Our August edition of the birthstone series looks at […]

The Jewelry-Lover’s Complete Guide to Birthstones


An individual’s birthstone is the gemstone (or gemstones) that represents the month in which they were born. Due to their sentimental meaning and extensive history, these gems make for excellent pieces of jewelry.  The History of Birthstones Although they’re currency on-trend, birthstones date back to biblical times. The Book of Exodus describes a special breastplate […]

Easy Steps For At-Home Jewelry Maintenance

Daily wear can take a toll on your jewelry. Luckily, there are some simple practices to help preserve your jewelry & gemstones at home. Follow these tips between professional servicing to maintain your jewelry.

Brinker’s Jewelers Guide to Gold Earrings

The current trend in fashion jewelry is gold earrings! They transition perfectly between the seasons and can be worn in multiple settings as long as they are paired with the right outfit. Not to mention, they are both affordable and stylish!

4 Reasons Everyone is Obsessed with Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold jewelry has seen a significant comeback the last few years, and there’s a good reason for it. Other than being considered one of the most romantic metals due to its peachy-rose color, it’s also surprisingly functional. Your jewelry collection would be lucky to have such a sought-after addition.

All About Emeralds, the Birthstone of May

Emeralds are the world’s most sought-after green-colored gemstones, and those with May birthdays are lucky to have it as their designated birthstone! They come in an array of colors, from yellow-green greenish-blue to deep green.

What To Do With Old Jewelry

Instead of leaving old, unwanted, or unworn jewelry laying around, collecting dust in your jewelry box, consider these options for getting the most out of those pieces.

10 Pieces of Jewelry to Celebrate You

We love to celebrate and believe jewelry isn’t just a gift to be given to others on special occasions. Sometimes, it’s a gift to be given to yourself to remind you of your accomplishments.

A Quick Guide to Colored Diamonds

colored diamonds

What if you could own something rarer than a diamond? It is possible — making up less than .1% of the world’s mined diamonds, colored diamonds are harder to come by than white diamonds.