Unique Wide Band Engagement Rings<br> For Every Style

By: Hailey Way Make a statement with a nontraditional wide band engagement ring for a wow factor. When you search for an engagement ring, it’s best to start with the ring band. Finding the right material for your engagement ring will also factor into how wide you want your ring shank. Wide band engagement rings […]

Shopping for Colored Diamonds? 5 Things to Know

colored diamonds

Diamonds should be an expression of your unique personality, and there are few things more unique than colored diamonds. Though colored diamonds often carry a reputation for  being lower quality than their white diamond counterparts, that reputation is simply inaccurate. Instead, colored diamonds provide an incomparable twist on a timeless and classic stone. They allow […]

Everything You Should Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring can feel like one of the most important purchases in a relationship. As modern perceptions of marriage change, the approach to engagement ring shopping changes too. 63% of couples now choose engagement rings together, and more couples have at least some discussion beforehand about preferences and sizing. These conversations make finding […]

Tips for an Autumn Engagement

The holidays are a perfect time to get engaged! Friends and family are together, so take advantage of sharing this special moment in your life with all the most important people that have watched your relationship grow.

Your Wedding Checklist: You Bought the Ring. Now What?

Everyone knows the saying, “First comes love, then comes marriage.” But what about all the steps between? What about all the planning for your big day? Everyone seems to forget about all the small, stressful tasks that need to be done before the “I Do’s.”

Guide to Popular Men’s Wedding Band Styles

In the modern world of constantly changing trends and fashions, men may often find themselves lost when it comes to picking a band of their own. Don’t worry – here’s a helpful guide!

Best Wedding Ring Styles for Active Couples

To help avoid the devastation of damaging or losing a wedding ring, we’ve come up with a few tips to keep in mind when active couples decide it’s time to choose an engagement or wedding rings.

A Quick Guide to Colored Diamonds

colored diamonds

What if you could own something rarer than a diamond? It is possible — making up less than .1% of the world’s mined diamonds, colored diamonds are harder to come by than white diamonds.