Shopping for Colored Diamonds? 5 Things to Know

colored diamonds

Diamonds should be an expression of your unique personality, and there are few things more unique than colored diamonds. Though colored diamonds often carry a reputation for  being lower quality than their white diamond counterparts, that reputation is simply inaccurate. Instead, colored diamonds provide an incomparable twist on a timeless and classic stone. They allow […]

April: The Month of Diamonds

Do you have an April birthday? If so, consider yourself lucky! The diamond is April’s designated birthstone. Gemstones are designated for each month due to characteristics shared by those who have birthdays in those months. This monthly distinction can often help others understand how to approach you and communicate with you.

A Quick Guide to Colored Diamonds

colored diamonds

What if you could own something rarer than a diamond? It is possible — making up less than .1% of the world’s mined diamonds, colored diamonds are harder to come by than white diamonds.