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The Beauty and Mystery of the March Birthstones

March birthstone - the aquamarine and bloodstone

If you’re one of the many people out there born in March, you can choose either the brilliant aquamarine or the mysterious bloodstone as the birthstone to call your own. Both have their own unique charm and attractive characteristics.

The Icy Blue Hues of the December Birthstones

December birthstones - blue topaz, zircon, tanzanite, & turquoise

Babies born in December can claim these three beautiful December birthstones as their own: tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise. All three stones are rich in meaning and symbolism, are alike in their beautiful yet varying shades of blue (and sometimes other colors), but individually they are all unique. Zircon is the oldest mineral on earth, while Tanzanite is one of the most recently discovered, and was added more recently as a December birthstone.

Diamond: The Dazzling April Birthstone

Diamond: The dazzling April birthstone

Learn all about the April birthstone—everything from it’s history to what it symbolizes. to different ways you can wear them no matter what the occasion..