Building Relationships: Why Jim L. Continues to Choose Brinker’s


Brinker’s Jewelers has a long history in Evansville, Indiana, of providing exceptional quality and service to customers. The store would not be what it is today without the support and relationships we’ve built with our customers over the past 3 generations!

In our mini blog series, “Our Brinker’s Story”, we’ll highlight customers that have grown to know and love Brinker’s Jewelers. These stories talk about the experiences that have helped develop relationships and keep our customers coming back for generations.

Building Relationships: Why Jim L. Continues to Choose Brinker’s

We sat down with Jim L., a lifetime customer, to discuss his relationship with Brinker’s, his favorite jeweler!

The Engagement

Jim L. had been waiting for the perfect time to pop the question to his future wife, Barbara, so he did some investigative work at local jewelry stores.

None could even compare to Brinker’s Jewelers.

Jim met with Dean Brinker, President of Brinker’s Jewelers. Having known Barbara and her family for many years, Dean had a good feel for Barbara’s personality and taste for quality. Jim asked Dean to work his design magic to turn the stone they hand-selected into something beautiful. Jim’s main goal was to design a ring that captured his relationship with Barbara. 

Jim laughs as he remembers gazing at the mesmerizing ring on his way out and saying, “Wow! I need sunglasses.”

Not long after, Jim and his soon-to-be wife were watching “The Rock” on television in her condo. He thought it was a perfect opportunity to present the newly designed engagement ring, for obvious reasons. She took a look at the swirling design with the beautiful stone, and said yes!


Through The Years

Throughout their time together, Jim has surprised Barbara with multiple pieces to match her taste. The knowledgeable staff at Brinker’s works diligently to supply Jim and Barbara with jewelry that matches their taste for quality and her style perfectly.

Over the course of their relationship with Brinker’s, Dean Brinker has hand-selected unique one-of-a-kind designs with the help of Barbara’s loving husband, Jim. Jim spends a lot of time and effort on each piece he gives to Barbara. It’s not about just giving her a piece of jewelry. “Anyone can do that,” says Jim. I give her a piece of my heart each time she opens up one of those ‘little green boxes’,” from Brinker’s Jewelers. 


Why He Chooses Brinker’s

Since Jim’s initial experience at Brinker’s, he has chosen them for all of his jewelry needs. 

Jim L. has always appreciated the quality of the jewelry, the professionalism, and the trustworthiness of the staff at Brinker’s.

“There are many jewelers out there that cut corners on quality and misrepresent things to their customers in order to make a higher profit, but Brinker’s Jewelers will never do that. They educate you and are very transparent on every purchase you make. Their main goal is to make you comfortable and happy when you walk out their door.”

Dean understands the unique relationship between Jim and his wife. More importantly, he knows how to emphasize and reflect it with the perfect piece of jewelry, because each piece represents the couple’s journey together. 

If this story resonates with you, and you would like to have a similar relationship or experience with your jeweler, come into Brinker’s Jewelers and start your journey today! 

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