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5 Reasons to Wear a Watch in the Age of Smartphones


Quick question: If someone on the street asked you for the time, what would you do?

Would you fumble in your front pocket or purse, awkwardly searching for your smartphone? Or would quickly glance at your wrist?

By about 2010 we saw a trend in the world of jewelry — fewer and fewer people were wearing wristwatches. Most were already carrying cell phones by then, and people naturally began to gravitate away from using their wristwatches to check the time.

Until that point, watches were a necessary part of modern life. People had historically relied on them to navigate increasingly complex social and professional lives.

But today, even though an entire generation of young adults has grown up without the ‘need’ for a wristwatch, and despite the ever-present nature of our smartphones, more and more people are rediscovering the value of wristwatches.

5 Reasons to Wear a Watch in the Age of Smartphones

1. To maintain a level of professionalism.

Think about the last time you had to check the time during a meeting, or while talking to a coworker. Glancing at your wrist is a lot more polite than disengaging from the meeting or conversation to locate your phone and activate your home screen.

Plus, a simple, elegant wrist watch will visually communicate an air of professionalism before you ever have to say anything.

2. To distinguish your personal sense of style.

The nearly limitless range of materials, styles and aesthetics of the watch world mean that no matter your personal style, there’s a watch out there for you.

This is especially important for men, who are pretty limited in the types of accessories they can wear day-to-day. In fact, outside of a wedding band, a watch might be the only accessory most men wear.


  1. The style of watch you wear should match the formality of your setting.
  2. Match your leathers (watch bands should match your shoes and/or belt).
  3. Similarly, match your metals (think rings, cufflinks, belt buckles, and other jewelry).
  4. Heirloom watches bend rules 1-3.

3. To connect with a time when craftsmanship mattered.

A watch is more than a way to tell time. It’s one of the truest expressions of the intersection of art and human ingenuity. The watch you choose to wear not only reflects your professional status and lifestyle, but also your appreciation for solid craftsmanship.

A high-quality watch is the perfect heirloom. With proper maintenance and care, a well made watch will outlast even the best of us. And, in the right circles, watches with distinguished pedigrees will garner a lot of appreciation and attention.

4. To go anywhere without sacrificing functionality.

When it comes to the reliability of machines, simplicity will always reign supreme.

Your smartphone cannot follow you everywhere. Even with a top-of-the-line protective case, your phone is still fragile and reliant on batteries. Whether you love the water or simply lead an active lifestyle, a wristwatch is an excellent solution to keep track of time without potentially damaging your smartphone.

Plus, unlike your smartphone, mechanical watches don’t rely on batteries. And, if your watch is quartz-powered, your batteries are probably good for at least 2 years.

So, not only will a wristwatch be more reliable than your smartphone, it will also simplify your life by allowing you to leave the phone in the car, get outside, and fully immerse yourself in your favorite activities.

5. To develop a more meaningful relationship with time.

It may seem strange, but wearing a watch can alter your relationship with time. You become more aware of the hours ticking down — more attentive to how you spend your days.

We’re only allotted so much time. For that reason, time is one of our most precious resources.

Doesn’t it makes sense to carry a beautiful, reliable device with the sole purpose of helping us make the most of it?

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