2018 Trends That Anyone Can Own, No Matter Your Style

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In the last couple years, we saw a transition from daring statement jewelry to more minimalistic, chic, and dainty pieces. But bold is making a big comeback in 2018.

Chunky statement pieces, asymmetrical designs, big earrings, neo brooches, animal-themed pieces, and even restyled baroque jewelry all stole the show in the most recent runways. But at Brinker’s Jewelers, we appreciate that every customer is different and we like to focus on the trends that are adaptable for a variety of styles.

Here are three trends we love that anyone can own, no matter your style — whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist, or anywhere in between, there are many ways to pull off these looks:


1. Keys

You may have noticed keys popping up everywhere in jewelry in 2017, and it’s a trend that’s sticking around. Keys are no longer just a symbol of ‘giving someone the key to your heart’, but for some, may actually mean keeping their heart and soul under lock and key.

But key pendants don’t always have romantic connotations attached to them — they also symbolize knowledge, success, and unlocking future potential. They can be given as a gift to signify an important milestone as a new door is opened.

Probably their most attractive quality, however, is their versatility. Keys can be worn as bracelet charms or necklace pendants and can be encrusted with diamonds, engraved with an inspirational message, used with mixed metals, and more. Plus, they can easily be stacked and layered.

key necklace


2. Big Earrings

Nearly all high-end designers were showing off different types of statement earrings on the runway, particularly earrings in long length that elegantly cascade past the shoulders. Another comeback we took notice of was hoop earrings, also longer in length than we’ve seen in the last couple years — think 80s hoops!

If you prefer a more modern, chic look, there are a variety of long-length earrings that don’t go overboard with the details. Hoops can also be a great option for everyday wear and go with most outfits.

hoop earrings diamond hoop earrings


3. Ultra Violet

Pantone unveiled the color of the year for 2018: ultra violet, a beautiful blue-based purple. The color represents originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points towards the future. Other symbolism of this hue includes imaginative, inventive, thoughtful, contemplative, and boundary-pushing.

Musical icons Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix all brought shades of ultra violet to the forefront as personal expressions of individuality in their time.

Sapphires come in shades strikingly similar to this deep purple color, and is one way you can get your hands on this look. Amethyst designs are another example of beautiful purple shades, as pictured below.


The possibilities are endless with these three trends. They can easily be dressed up or down, taken to the next level with luxurious touches, or kept timelessly simple and classic (or even somewhere in between!).

Staying on trend and staying true to your personal style doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive from one another. See something you like? Our master jewelers and gemologists can tailor any of these looks to a version that fits you and your budget.

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