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All About Emeralds, the Birthstone of May

May 3, 2018


Emeralds are the world’s most sought-after green colored gemstones and those with May birthdays are lucky to have it as their birthstone! They come in an array of colors, from greenish-blue to deep green.

Emeralds are a variety of beryl, which is a type of mineral that comes in many other colors. While they are traditionally dark green, there are lighter green emeralds as well.

These gemstones were first mined in Egypt, but the name comes from the Greek word “smaragdus”, meaning green. In earlier times, some said that emeralds had calming and soothing powers, and could even enable people to see into the future. Much of that was legend, but today the color green has been proven to reduce stress.

Of all the green colored gemstones, emeralds set the highest of standards. Other green gems such as peridot or tourmaline have their own unique attributes, but emeralds have been used in religious ceremonies and adorned royalty for centuries. Today, they are the crowned jewels chosen to celebrate the twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries.

When selecting an emerald gemstone, here is what you should look for.

4 Standards of Emeralds

  1. Color — The most desired of emeralds are a deep, dark green. In some instances, a tint of blue is acceptable, as long as the color is vivid and highly saturated.
  2. Clarity – Inclusions are to be expected in emeralds, and occur when something is trapped inside the gemstone itself. Professionals in the industry may refer to these as “jardins”, pronounced gardens, in emeralds.
  3. Cut — There is a reason a cut called the “emerald cut” exists. The emerald cut can be used on any gemstone, but looks exceptional when used on an emerald gemstone. Because of the way an emerald is formed, the rectangular lines of the emerald cut bring out its unique qualities.
  4. Carat – An interesting fact about emeralds is their weight. Due to having a lower density than other gemstones, the size of a one-carat emerald will look larger when compared to another gemstone of the same carat weight.

At Brinker’s Jewelers, we think emeralds are a thing of beauty and deserve to be worn as such. Take a look at a few of our favorite emerald pieces. If nothing you see below speaks to you, come by the store and we can create the perfect emerald piece for your collection.

5 Emerald Pieces You’ll Want to Add to Your Collection

Emerald and Diamond Halo Earrings

White Gold Halo Pendant with Emerald & Diamonds

Fashion Ring with Oval Emerald Feature Stone and Diamonds

Yellow Gold Fashion Ring with Emerald

Custom Love Prints

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