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Brinker’s Jewelers has been providing Evansville and surrounding areas with high quality jewelry, luxury watches and outstanding customer service for 3 generations. Our professional team is made up of experienced Master Jewelers, Jewelry Buyers, Watchmakers, Gemologists, Designers and Repair Agents. If you would like to schedule an appointment or consultation, please call us at 812.476.0651.

Dean Brinker


41 years of experience
GIA Diamond Graduate
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Dirk Brinker

Vice President

22 years of experience
Murray State University
GIA Diamond Graduate
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Kyle Brinker

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer

11 years of experience
Indiana University Graduate
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Dan Garrett

Master Jeweler

43 years of experience
Swigart School of Jewelry Graduate
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Tim Hoehn

Sales Manager

Sales Manager
26 Years of Experience
GIA Diamond Graduate
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Jeff Martin

Master Jeweler

39 years of experience
Attended Stewart’s International School for Jewelers
Gem City Graduate
Trained at GRS Engraving Training Center
Performs jewelry repair, diamond setting, and custom design
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David Greene

Master Jeweler

26 years of experience
GIA Graduate Gemologist
Attended Stewarts International School for Jewelers with special certification in jewelry repair, stone setting, and wax carving
Attended GRS Training Center and was certified in Advanced Micro Pave Setting
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Dean Powell

Watch Department Manager and Watchmaker

Certified Watchmaker
Lititiz Watch Technicum Graduate
Certified by the American Watchmakers Clockmakers Institute CW21
WOSTEP Certified
10 years of experience
Published in Horological Times
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Christopher L. Wheeler

Certified Watchmaker
Ohio University Graduate
Lititz Watch Technicum Graduate
SAWTA Certified
Former Second Class Petty Officer of the United States Navy

Jeremy Matthews

Certified Watchmaker
12 Years Watch/Jewelry Retail Experience
Lititz Watch Technicum Graduate
SAWTA Certified

Ethan Bollivar

Watch Department Refinisher & Watchmaker

Certified Watchmaker
Lititz Watch Technicum Graduate
SAWTA Certified

Alexis Snow


Certification in Advanced Stone Setting from New Approach School for Jewelers
 GIA Graduate Gemologist
GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional
8 years of Service