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Celebrating 45 Years in Business: Customers Share Their Stories

To celebrate our 45th year in business, we wanted to find out firsthand why our customers continue to choose Brinker’s Jewelers.

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Pearls: A Classic Touch for the Modern Woman

It can be difficult to understand the differences between each type of pearl. We will give you the basics of the pearl’s journey into the world and the distinctions of each kind.

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Mechanical, Automatic, or Quartz: Understanding Each Type of Watch Movement

Typically, watch movements fall into two main categories: Mechanical (manual-winding & automatic-winding) and Quartz (battery-powered). Learn benefits and drawbacks of each watch type, and which would be best suited for you!

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Why Cut a Diamond to Look Like an Emerald?

Why shape a diamond like a completely different stone? As it turns out, there are many good reasons! So, let’s dive into what an emerald cut is and what it isn’t.

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