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Retro Revival: Why the Cushion Cut Diamond is Back

Between the cushion cut’s antique roots and modern sparkle, it’s easy to see that its renewed popularity will likely persist for decades to come.

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A Review of Shinola Watches: Storytelling Through Timepieces

Watches are about stories. They play silent witness to our adventures, accompanying us through life’s ups and downs. They are our reliable, mechanical companions. Not surprisingly, stories also fuel our passion for watches, and guide our decisions about which ones are right for us.

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What Makes Peridot More Intriguing Than Its Kiwi Color?

If your birthday doesn’t fall in the month of August, you may have never heard of Peridot. Even if you are familiar with this bright green gemstone, there’s a chance you weren’t aware of its unique origin and lore.

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How to Know When to Get Your Rolex Serviced

A core philosophy of the Rolex brand has always been the pursuit of a timepiece that never requires servicing. Unfortunately, physics and the sands of time tend to get the final say.

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